Verge Price Analysis: Verge Is In the race of becoming one of the favorites for followers!

Verge seems to be snatching the limelight from other coins lately. Users are following XVG and tweeting about their excitement at every platform possible. Recently, users have been sharing their appreciation towards XVG as the update from XVG will be out with every 2 weeks with development as well as marketing.

Such updates help traders to build most trust towards the transparency of the coin.

The above tweet states Verge as the best privacy coin in the market.

And that’s why the chances of better and quick growing are increasing for Verge. Let’s see if the Price statistics hints in the same direction or not.

Price Analysis of Verge on 8th June 2019:

Verge Price Chart - 8 June

At 4:33 UTC time, Verge is trading at price $0.00924. The Market Cap of Verge as of today is USD 150,756,675 with 24-hour volume at USD 4,300,140. The total supply of Verge circulating in the market is 16,283,443,305 XVG. With Return on Investment more than 9000%, the market ranking of Verge is positioned at number 54.

Verge Price Comparisons:

Verge Price Chart - 8 June

Considering the 5 days trading analysis from today, it seems that the value has taken a small dip since yesterday. However, the traders and investors may not be too bothered about the same, as they seem to focus on long term trading plan. On 3rd June Verge was seen at the highest point it was valued trading at $0.009895 and 4th June as lowest with value trading at $0.008334, considering the said period. Today, the value has seen the dip of 6% when compared with price $0.00989586 observed on 3rd June and a surge by 10% when compared with price $0.008334 observed on  4th June.

Verge Price Chart - 8 June

In three months, the trend seems to be continuing the same pattern. 12th March with value at $0.00620 and 16th May with value at $0.0120 was recognized to be the lowest and highest touch down respectively.

Verge Price Predictions and Conclusion:

XVG, as a whole, supposedly is a good long term investment solution for the investors. The price might go high at a value of $0.02 in days and months to come.

It seems XVG is a growing coin grabbing trust and loyalty from its followers.

Ruti Vora

Ruti regularly contributes in-depth news articles for leading cryptocurrencies. She contributes technical chart-based price updates and analysis pieces on the world's leading digital currencies.

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