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Verge Price Analysis: Verge (XVG) May Take Some More Time to Bounce Back

  • Verge has shown huge price variations in the last 24 hours.
  • The next support level is likely to be at 0.00567 USD.

Verge is one of the major coins of the current times, and it has been on a slippery path for the past few days. Contrary to many experts’ prediction, the coin is taking more than the required time to revive. In the last 24 hours as well, the coin has shown four huge price swings and lost some value. The medium-term outlook is bullish, and the coin is likely to reach 0.01 USD by the end of this year. Let us look at the current details of the coin now.

XVG Price Statistics-

Verge Price Prediction
Verge Price Chart by TradingView
Verge (XVG)15th July 03:37 UTC
ROI (Return on Investment)> 9000%
Coin Circulation15,822,849,199 XVG
Market Cap92,027,483 USD
Value in USD0.00571694 USD
Value in BTC0.00000057 BTC
24h Volume1,269,550 USD

XVG to USD Price Comparison-

Verge has gone through many price shifts in the past 24 hours. The first fall happened between 03:04 UTC and 10:39 UTC. This fall was of 11.91%, and it cost the coin 0.0008 USD. Another short stint of fall was noticed between 14:32 UTC and 16:20 UTC. This fall was of 0.0003 USD or 6.09%. And again another period of growth was noticed between 19:32 UTC and 21:55 UTC. This hike added 0.00036 USD to the coin over 2 hours and 23 minutes. The final was a fall of 12.38% or 0.0007 USD. This fall happened between 21:55 UTC and 02:48 UTC. These four price swings are the major ones in the last 1 day.

XVG Price Prediction-

The medium-term outlook of Verge is bullish, and the target for 2019 should be set at 0.01 USD. The next resistance points are 0.006586333 USD, 0.007190667 USD, and 0.007493333 USD. The support levels are 0.005679333 USD, 0.005376667 USD, and 0.004772333 USD.


Verge may take more time to show strength. But by the end of this year, the coin will have revived, and the value is likely to give huge returns to the long-term holders of the coin.


Ruti Vora

Ruti has recently joined CryptonewsZ as a writer and has been writing on other cryptocurrency sites as well. Having a background of tech field makes her versatile with a keen interest in literature. You will find her surrounded by books and music when she is not on work. You can also contact her on Linkedin or Facebook.
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