Verge Price Analysis: XVG Is Moving Towards Tremendous Returns On Investment!

Verge coin seems to be stable in the market as of now. Users and followers are tweeting continuously about the performance of XVG. Even when the Bitcoin seems to retrace its position and value, the altcoins like XVG does offer some relieving breath to the investors. In fact, Litebit tweeted on its official page quoting XVG at the number 5 position of the most volume coins with an amazing increase in the price from the past six months.

So, can we hope XVG to surge its ranking and value soon enough? Let’s see if the price analysis can help us in deciding the same?

Verge Price Analysis :

Verge Price Chart - 7 June

At 10:27 UTC, the price of Verge coin is trading at $0.00918 on 7th June 2019. The Return on Investment has always twisted the neck of users towards this coin calculated at more than 9000%. The market cap value of XVG is 149,764,828 USD. The valuation of 24-hour volume, on the other hand, is standing at 5,589,841 USD. The circulating supply is equal to the total supply of Verge in the market, which is 16,282,041,792 XVG ranking the coin at position number 54.

Verge Price Comparison:

Year to Date data:

Verge Price Chart - 7 June

From the beginning of the year, the value was showing some upsurges, which have helped the coin to acquire attention in the market. The value on 1st of the year was trading at $0.00718. The value has increased by 27%. The highest was realized on 23rd May with the value trading at $0.01124. The value has dropped by 18%, which does not seem to be throat catching loss for the traders.

One Month data:

Verge Price Chart - 7 June

The market has increased by 45% from the lowest, which was $0.00633 on 9th May. However, the value must show some jerk in an upward trend to reach out to the highest of the month. But the Return on Investment has shockingly increased the supply of the coin in the market.

Verge Price Predictions and Conclusion:

It seems like a Bullish market for Verge within resistance and support levels which are respectively $0.00944 and $0.00831. Traders are definitely trading in XVG considering the ROI, but bidding on the prediction that it will reach $1 value by the end of 2019 will be stupid.

Ask yourself, does your gut feeling allow you to bid at the same? Well, you know the answer! However, the upward surge might hope the value to trade at $0.02 soon. Fingers crossed till then!

Ruti Vora

Ruti regularly contributes in-depth news articles for leading cryptocurrencies. She contributes technical chart-based price updates and analysis pieces on the world's leading digital currencies.

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