Verge Technical Director Sheds Some Light on Cryptocurrency’s Origin

Verge Technical Director Brandon Simons has made a few statements about the origin of cryptocurrency and his involvement in the initial development and marketing of the crypto assets.

In one of the posts published on his tell-all account, he disclosed that in October 2009 he came across the crypto world for the first time. It was the time when we came to know about Bitcoin, and he started mining bitcoins for the next two years. Brandon Simons is present online by the pseudo name of CryptoRekt.

After losing thousands of Bitcoins in 2011, he became a regular member on Reddit’s crypto dedicated forum. This forum works as a support group or an educational platform for people related to the crypto market. Simon had to lose his money due to a hard disk crash.

This loss taught him a few important lessons of investing in crypto. During this period only, he became actively became a part of a privacy coin project. This project was called DogeCoinDark (DOGED). DogeCoinDark itself later on been called as Verge (XVG).

DogeCoinDark Started as a small group of people with hardly 120 active users in an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) room. Slowly and gradually DogeCoinDark started developing its private platform supporting P2P transactions. It began extending the reach of organization and rebranded itself as Verge.

He stated that during his initial involvement in the marketing of crypto, he used social media and also arranged a few mentions on Radio Crypto. At that time, these media were instrumental.

In the beginning, Verge was a less known name in the crypto industry. But after the release of the whitepaper tagged ‘BlackPaper’ in June 2017, the scenario changed.

Soon, Simons was capable enough to integrate the efforts and skills of a distributed worldwide team to help Verge to promote itself. This distributed group of people is now called as the Verge Core Marketing team. This team is now 40 people strong, he said.

Expressing his thoughts on the importance of Verge in his personal life, he said:

Verge is very special. This decentralized platform has a wonderful member across the world, and it is run by a team which wants nothing but the success for the company. This company has all that it takes to succeed. Verge means freedom to me. It has given me the liberty to create and build something which has helped people to retain a bit of their private life without sacrificing their fundamental rights.

Vishal Parmar

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