Verge (XVG) Price Analysis : Verge to Touch 0.09 USD by the End of this Year

Verge is one of those cryptocurrencies which get less affected by the intense, volatile market. Verge (XVG) focuses on full anonymity and privacy for its users. Virtually, it is untraceable, and its users can make instant, anonymous transactions. It relies on advanced blockchain technology built on top of services like Tor and I2P- responsible for hiding one’s data. In the future, XVG will implement RSK technology that will offer smart contracts in this platform. So, very soon, it is going to be the only cryptocurrency that can allow smart contracts by maintaining full confidentiality.

Current status of Verge

XVG is currently getting traded at USD 0.007427 (UTC time 06:43). With a market cap of USD 117,380,626 and a circulating supply of 15,804,432,725 XVG, it is the 55th largest cryptocurrency. It is currently running on a bull trend of 2.65%.

Price analysis of XVG on the basis of Verge Charts

VergeThe above chart shows that XVG is currently getting traded at 0.007426 USD or 0.00000184 BTC (UTC time 06:46). Its current market has a trading value of 117,356,334 USD with 5,481,060 USD as its 24h volume. The same chart shows that approx. One month earlier, XVG had a trading point of 0.006015 USD. So, in this duration, the value of XVG has been on a bull trend by 23.45% with 0.006317 USD as a good support resistance.

Future price predictions of Verge

According to Wallet Investor, Verge can reach to $0.138 by 2019 end, and in five years, XVG can even spike up by 2-3%. As per the assumptions of Mega Crypto Price, XVG has the probability of reaching $0.7401 by 2020, and in 2023, it can even trade around $2.39. According to the predictions of Trading Beast, XVG can reach around $0.05 by 2019 end and by 2020, it can trade around $0.07.

Recently, Bitnovo has decided to add XVG in their exchange platform. Its developers are going to release new features very soon this year, and with all these, it is expected that XVG can rise in the future to a considerable extent.


XVG is a potential cryptocurrency, and it can soon have a large community as it is going to come up with the features of smart contract and anonymity as well. Moreover, as per the above predictions, XVG can be considered as a good choice for long term investment.

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