Verizon is All Set to Hop into the Blockchain Train

Verizon, the subsidiary of Verizon Communications, is one of the leading wireless telecommunications providers in the United States. It is a telecommunications company that offers wireless products and related services. After making it big in the telecom industry, Verizon is all set to launch into the blockchain industry.

The company has recently announced 35 new positions that need blockchain technology knowledge. The lure of blockchain technology and its potential growth has made a strong impression on the telecom leading company. We can hope that soon we will get to see blockchain-based product line from the company.

Verizon put up a post on LinkedIn regarding blockchain engineers. Also, on the company’s website, there are various vacancies for posts such as-

  • Lead Software Engineer- Big Data,
  • Blockchain Developer,
  • SAP- Integrated Business Planning (IBP) Architect,
  • MTS III Cslt- Sys Engrg,
  • Senior Software Development Manager,
  • Cloud Engineer,
  • Project Manager- Emerging Technologies, etc

The company’s website states that there is a requirement five blockchain engineers, and it also needs recruitment for blockchain technology development lead role. The vacancies need various qualities based on the role of course. One such role description as per the company’s website is as follows-

(The candidate) will be responsible for developing and delivering of initial prototypes and product proof-of-concepts which includes the use case development, technical requirements, customer co-development testing, and commercialization handoff.

The company clearly is focusing on aspects such as enhancing identity projects, uplifting security projects, and similar aspects related to blockchain technology and the overall tech sphere. Seeing major companies such as Verizon to embrace the blockchain industry is always a sign of growth and promise for both the blockchain space as well the further growth of the businesses.

Verizon is looking to imbibe the goodness of blockchain technology and to support it further with the excellent platform it has to offer. The company is not the first one to do so, though. In the recent past, many companies have walked this path for an exciting development.  For instance, in the first quarter of this year, AT&T, through payment processor called- ‘BitPay’ started to accept BTC (world’s largest crypto coin) for cable payments. From last year, we can look at the examples of industry giants such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, along with many financial institutions, who began to hire blockchain technology engineers. Since the major players started hiring the great talents in the blockchain technology, Verizon may face a little bit of difficulty to find the perfect match for the vacancies mentioned. Industry sources reveal that by far, several candidates have been interviewed over the past two years, and the search for the right fit is still on.

On the other hand, the telecom leader released exclusive Inseego 5G MiFit M1000, earlier this month. Inseego 5G MiFit M1000 is the company’s fifth device which is enabled with 5G network to offer large bandwidth and fast download speeds required for applications like 4K/8K video streaming, virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR), mobile workforce, industrial IoT, and so on. This device, is currently, made available only for the Verizon customers only. It was launched the 5G ultra Wideband in service in St. Paul, Minnesota. The company seems to be pushing aggressively in every direction for more and more growth.

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