VeRocket introduces VeWorld and WalletConnect

VeRocket has announced the introduction of VeWorld. This enables its users to access two different options for trading. These are VeWorld Mobile and VeWorld Plugin. VeWorld Mobile requires users to connect to the platform via WalletConnect, and the VeWorld Plugin makes it seamless for users to access functionalities through Google Chrome.

The ultimate goal is to simplify how users trade on the Internet. With this advancement, the DEX platform moves closer to allowing users to trade on the go. Meaning they will no longer be bound by their locations or devices. They can be in a cab with a friend while also carrying out a trade at their fingertips. WalletConnect is required for VeWorld Mobile.

VeRocket has invited users to try the update for an enhanced experience.

Users can connect their accounts by selecting VeWorld from the list of options. It ideally pops up when a user attempts to sign in to their account. Other options on the list would be Sync and Sync2. While VeRocket does support them, it is recommended to select VeWorld to proceed.

The process to link the wallet does not end there on VeRocket. Users must follow self-explanatory instructions as they keep appearing on the screen. It ultimately leads to having a user-friendly experience in the most secure environment possible.

Usage on mobile devices requires users to scan the QR code at the time of signing in.

The legacy versions of Sync and Sync 2 are currently supported by VeWorld, despite being upgraded over time. It is not known if the support will extend for a longer time. It is better to go through the upgrade than have to wait for the end. Maintenance of older wallets is being phased out. Hence, an upgrade is highly likely to happen across the user base.

All developments are live on the VeChain network. This has fueled a jump in its native token, VET. The value has increased by 0.55% in the last 24 hours, dancing around $0.03023 at the time of drafting this article. While the VET token value is up by 9.66% in the last 30 days, it reflects a slip of 17.28% in the last 7 days.

In the middle of 2022, VeRocket will announce the integration of fee delegation. It has been defined as a blessing for traders and a promise to holders. It basically aims to foster faster trades at a lower price. The update was found to be compatible across Sync 1 and Sync 2 wallets.

It was open to all users except Moon Lander Silver NFT holders, who got special privileges.


That said, VeRocket and VeChain have worked to enhance customers’ trading experience. Be it through the integration of fee delegation or the introduction of VeWorld and WalletConnect, customers have been put at the center of the table for a streamlined process and enhanced experience.

VeWorld and WalletConnect are live on VeRocket. Customers ought to share their actual experiences soon.

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