VERSE goes live on Kucoin, announces has announced that its ecosystem’s native token, VERSE, is now live on the first exchange platform, which is Kucoin. Per the announcement, the first trading pair to go live is VERSE/USDT, marking a major milestone for the crypto community.

VERSE going live at Kucoin enables to further amplify the reach and access of the token. Meaning a larger portion of the crypto community will be able to get their hands on the token. So far, VERSE has served by incentivizing and gamifying the experience of onboarding new members. Moreover, it has helped the platform to reward those who have taken the engagement to a new high.

With the token’s status being live at the time of drafting this article, it has been stated by that those who add VERSE to their portfolio will gain major advantages, like experiencing a transition to a more inclusive financial system.

VERSE sees an expansion in its utility, committing to enhance the experience of users not just in’s ecosystem but also by going past the boundaries of the native platform.

Dennis Jarvis, the Chief Executive Officer of, has highlighted that the advantage of getting listed on Kucoin is to be able to reach a larger number of people, making it convenient for them to trade the token and explore every aspect of its potential. Dennis has also expressed a sense of pride on behalf of the entire platform by establishing the belief in creating economic freedom and expanding access for everyone.

Another statement has been made by Corbin Fraser, the Head of Financial Services at They have said that VERSE is a useful token since it lowers the hurdles that could otherwise make the onboarding process a difficult one for everyone. The token, now, rather makes it an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Corbin has also stated that the future plan is to make VERSE a multichain token. has started working on the same, with updates being lined up once the task has been achieved. Going multichain will increase the utility of VERSE and, thereby, stand true to the commitment once made by in the direction of strengthening freedom of choice. was founded in 2015, but it is only now that the native token is taking the first step of getting listed on an exchange platform. The earlier days of May 2023 saw hit the milestone of 40 million self-custody wallets. Its network supports a wide range of digital assets, including, but not limited to, ETH, BTC, and Bitcoin Cash.

Kucoin has been a preferred choice for crypto ventures for a long time. It was only natural for to make the move. Learn about the exchange platform through our Kucoin app review, which also talks about its legality in different regions.

Kucoin, to celebrate the listing of VERSE, has announced a contest featuring a prize pool of $40,000. Notably, almost 27 million registered users are eligible for the contest depending on the region.

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