Vertex goes live on Mantle, boosting DeFi speed and efficiency

The release of Vertex on Mantle, a layer-two rollup solution for Ethereum, marks a significant advancement in the field of blockchain and decentralized finance. It is anticipated that this integration will result in a positive impact on the DeFi industry by increasing the speed of transactions and reducing costs, which will benefit both users and developers in the sector.

Mantle Network aims to improve Ethereum throughput using an optimistic rollup method and a novel data availability solution, EigenDA. This advantageous architecture allows Mantle to leverage the protective guards of Ethereum while still achieving lower costs and better data availability. As a result, users may receive significantly higher transaction speeds and lower costs when using Mantle than when using the Ethereum mainnet and other L2 solutions, such as Optimism.

The DeFi business is expected to generate numerous benefits as a result of the agreement between Vertex and Mantle. Users may expect an enhanced trading experience with faster transactions and lower commissions from Vertex, a name long linked to efficient and adaptable trading solutions. This collaboration is a part of a larger plan to enhance the user experience and attract more users to the Mantle ecosystem.

The Mantle ecosystem is highly focused on community governance and ecosystem management. Voting within the community determines the allocation of the budget and the implementation of strategic plans. This decentralized approach fosters accountability and enables the formation of a strong, engaged community.

In addition, Mantle has formed strong partnerships with prominent exchanges and institutions to support the development of its products and solutions. When collaborating with such entities and investing in a vast ecosystem fund, the aim is to encourage brilliant initiatives and optimize their advancement on the Mantle Network platform.

The successful integration of Vertex into Mantle is not only a major accomplishment, but it is also crucial for the overall improvement of the efficacy and accessibility of the DeFi ecosystem. Mantle Network’s well-developed framework enables individuals to engage in trading, earning, and borrowing-related duties by incorporating this advancement. These partnerships are crucial, particularly in view of the ongoing evolution of the decentralized finance industry.


The integration of Vertex and Mantle is an essential step in the development of decentralized finance. The partnership between Vertex and Mantle means combining the powerful trading floor of the first company with the extremely flexible network of the second, which will make the DeFi process cheaper and easier for users. This success demonstrates the continued importance of layer-two solutions in the blockchain space; layer-two solutions will continue to expand and gain mainstream use in decentralized finance.

Trevor Holman

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