Veve launches new Veve Comics platform with exclusive Marvel NFTs

Veve, which is Ethereum’s NFT collectibles platform, has delivered its new Veve Comics platform and its online comic book reader. The initial collection of comic books was obtained from Marvel Comics.

The deliverance took place with Marvel Comics in tow, and the connected enthusiasts of Veve could get connected with more than 300 of the latest Marvel online editions. These include the hero-oriented ones like Spiderman, X-Men, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther. The latest comic books will be introduced as soon as they are accessible in print, with panel-by-panel screening. As per the company, every page was converted online by hand.

The aspect that sets the Veve comic book platform apart from purchasing online comic books on Amazon is that Veve makes the limited edition NFT versions accessible. This is in consideration of the fact that the common online comic books are priced the same in the case of the online and print versions.

The limited NFT versions are accessible at multiple levels and have an exclusive edition number. Reselling the NFTs minted on Ethereum’s upgradable network, Immutable X, is possible on the Veve marketplace. This has a cap of five separate comic book covers and is readable in a life-like environment on the Veve application.

The limited editions have been priced roughly $3 more than the common online versions, which do not come with tokenization in the form of NFTs. 

In the words of the CEO of Veve, David Yu, they were in sync with the online comics enthusiast’s expectations of a better all-inclusive exposure. The focus was on building a platform that makes comics more relaxing. 

Users can download the Veve comic book application free of cost on iOS and Android devices. For Veve, this is the starting point for many such tie-ups with multiple companies associated with the comic book segment. 

Veve was officially established in 2018 and is involved in online collectibles about various prime entertainment businesses such as Marvel, DC Comics, Disney, and others. In the case of Immutable X, it is a gaming network utilized for NFTs in relation to games like Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians.

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