Vietnamese Bvnex Crypto Exchange to Launch Dash with Dong Fiat Trading Pair

With cryptocurrencies being a highly dynamic form of currencies, the wallet owners are always on toes to bring new advancements to their blockchain platforms that would induce more investors.

In recent times, the crypto market has seen a growing trend of national fiat currency and crypto coins pairs gaining popularity. Bvnex crypto exchange is the latest platform to come up with national fiat currency and cryptocurrency pair for its investors.

Bvnex, the reputed crypto exchange of Vietnam, recently announced that its network has added Dash crypto coin to its platform to foster a trading pair of Dash with Vietnamese Dong. The popular exchange has also announced the launch of InstantSend support for the deposit holders.

Dash Next, the driving force of the Dash business development group, has decided to unveil the highly anticipated alliance on September 14, 2019. The launch event will also highlight the merits of Dash InstantSend facility, which promises to speed-up the deposit processing so that the investors can enjoy faster trading.

Though InstantSend facility of Dash network is now made automatic on all trading transactions, the crypto exchanges still have to recognize the increased speed and security of the concerned Dash network.

This will help in avoiding the unnecessary confirmation time charged by exchanges while recognizing deposits. For instance, the fee page on Bvnex’s portal had to pass 10 confirmations to foster Dash withdrawals, but with the exchange recognizing InstantSend, the unnecessary confirmations will not trouble the investors.

Bvnex charges 0.002 Dash for withdrawals from the users and no trading fees from the VND listed trading pairs. The maker fee for trading pair Dash/USDT is 0.15% and the taker fee for the pair is 0.25%. These values are standard for all the other trading pairs on the network except for BTC/VND and USDT/VND. USDT/VND charges a maker fee of 0% and a taker fee of 0.25%.

Trading Made Easy with Dash:

The recent time has seen Dash evolving as a strong cryptocurrency coin with several exchanges collaborating the digital coin with their national fiat currency similar to Vietnamese Dong. This trading pair helps the users to switch from their local currency to Dash, making it easier for them to use it in their daily life transactions.

The Nigerian people can move directly from their national currency and Dash on crypto exchanges like CoinCola, Cubobit for users in Mexico and other places. The addition of Dash to exchanges helps it to proliferate amongst the investors who prefer the fast shift between the currencies easily.

With Dash finding its place in the reputed crypto exchanges, it has come up as a potential payment method for the users. In Venezuela, owners of the digital coin can use it for paying the expenses in parking garages, pharmacies, etc. Such exchanges increase the liquidity of Dash, which thereby makes it easier for the users to employ it in its original form or in the form of crypto coins in the global market.

During the bearish market period, innovative projects like Dash Next foster multiple services and exchanges on its platform, making Dash a premier choice for the users.

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