Vince Chain and Subx Finance Lab are Now Strategic Partners

Vince Chain and Subx Finance Lab have entered into a strategic partnership with the aim of building the best NFT marketplace.

Vince Chain was the one to announce the news. This opens a door of opportunity for both of them to leave a mark in the industry. Through this strategic partnership, Subx Finance Lab has agreed to work with the team behind Vince Chain. Both will now work in the direction of developing one of the best NFT marketplaces.

Subx Finance Lab excels in offering services related to blockchain. It mainly focuses on getting businesses on board. These are those businesses that are looking to integrate Web3 technologies with their products and services.

By utilizing the services of Subx Finance Lab, companies can launch innovations on the metaverse, blockchain, and DeFi technology in a cost-efficient and speedy manner.

Along with businesses, Subx Finance Lab is also looking to target consumers by building a collection of platforms that will leverage its products to offer a unique value proposition. The products and platforms built by Subx Finance Lab will be powered by $SFX, its native digital token.

Vince Chain functions on similar lines. It is a blockchain that has been developed to work specifically for the new-age technology, namely Web3, metaverse, gaming, and freelancing. Vince Chain runs on its native token called Vince.

The objective of Vince Chain is to power the new internet along with the practical applications of DeFi, VR, and AR technologies.

Operations Of An NFT Marketplace

While a lot of details have not been revealed, it would be safe to assume that Vince Chain and Subx Finance Lab are looking to connect artists with buyers who are interested in collecting digital art.

It is expected that the new NFT marketplace will enable the artists to earn commission on every purchase of their artwork. In other words, if a piece of art is re-sold five times, then the artist will be able to earn commission every time the NFT has been re-sold.


Buyers will be able to sell it for a decent profit in the future.

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