Virtu Financial Launches New Unit “Virtu Capital Markets” for Capital Markets

In a new development that will be closely watched by the financial industry Virtu, announced the launch of a separate business unit “Virtu Capital Markets” that is going to be solely concerned with the capital markets.

Virtu Financial is going to provide some specialized services that could prove to be highly beneficial to Virtu clients. For instance, global public issuers who are trying to raise money in their primary markets are going to get an ATM service. In addition to that, it’s also going to operate in the secondary markets and help clients with share buyback services as well.

Virtu Financial’s CEO, Douglas Cifu, spoke about the new project in the press release. He likened the company’s new initiative to its move into outsourced trading and stated that the Virtu Financial is perfectly suited to the company’s competencies. He said,

In the same way that our entry into the Outsourced Trading space was a natural extension of our native capabilities to provide more services to our client base, Virtu Capital Markets likewise enables us to provide efficiency-enhancing services to corporate issuers and sponsors.

It is quite clear that the company is going the extra mile to make Virtu Financial a success, and to that end, it has even made a key appointment. It is going to be headed by Jeffrey Lumby, former chief of Equity Capital Markets at Cantor Fitzgerald. He had worked at that position for 18 years and makes for a strong appointment. Lumby spoke about ATM services that are going to be provided by the company. He said,

The evolution of the ATM product has put an emphasis on access to liquidity and, given Virtu’s strengths, it is a natural fit to leverage its best-in-class technology and global liquidity profile to offer ATM services.

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