VISA files its application for two separate NFT trademarks

VISA, which in actuality is a global payment processor, has taken the opportunity of officially filing its application for two separate NFT trademarks. This act is duly carried out on the 22nd of October, 2022. This bit of information was shared by Mike Kondoudis, an attorney in the field of trademarking. In this scenario, there is a palpable mood of various expectations and general speculation concerning NFT-involved persons. All of this is due to the general practice, where the party involved, applying for a trademark, is expected to deliver some new and fresh aspect to the world soon.

However, in the specific case of VISA, the official applications for two separate trademarks are primarily for non-downloadable software they have successfully created. This newly built software will put the user in a convenient position of being able to connect with, have a sight of, and make appropriate transfers of NFTs, cryptos, and other such tasks. Additionally, if the filing and the corresponding initiative go well, users might get a complete 360 blockchain experience with all the different offerings.

The applications in question further speak about the building of an environment which is virtually oriented. In this case, all users can effectively interact with others of their choice regarding leisure and recreational-based reasons.

Roxanne Williams

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