Vite Listing + Grand $VITE Giveaway on WazirX

The Indian cryptocurrency exchange community is now inviting traders to conduct live trading at VITE/USDT and VITE/INR pairs as a part of the Rapid Listing Initiative. The VITE listing is now live at WazirX, and the platform has decided to enable the traders to make withdrawals and deposits at WazirX via wallet and bank transfer. 

To conduct trading in VITE trading pairs, the traders need to do the following:

  • Hold the VITE token assets in the Binance wallet and deposit the tokens on the WazirX trading interface. 
  • Start buying, selling, and trading your VITE assets in exchange for USDT tokens and INR in crypto and fiat currency markets. Check the Funds section on WazirX’s trading interface to stay updated on the transaction history of VITE tokens. 
  • Withdraw VITE tokens into your Binance wallet and continue to conduct VITE trading at WazirX. 

The VITE Network smart contract platform operates with the Directed Acyclic Graph mechanism. The platform is recognized for its security, reliability, high transaction speed, and zero-fee transaction. The Snapshot Chain infrastructure of VITE runs on the Hierarchical-delegated-Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism for the execution of smart contracts and initiation of transactions. 

WazirX is Organizing a Grand VITE Giveaway

WazirX’s platform is going to conduct a grand giveaway event for the platform’s users. WazirX spokesperson will select ten questions about VITE which are crowdsourced from Twitter followers and ask Richard Yan to answer them. At the end of the live interview, users will be given the opportunity to ask questions within a five-minute timeframe. The giveaway prize of $150 will be given to those Twitter followers of WazirX who asked Yan the top ten questions. Giveaway prizes worth $100 will be distributed among those Telegram followers of WazirX who ask the top five questions during the live session. 

During the giveaway session, the price of the VITE token would be marked at $0.0813 and the prize distribution shall be complete by October 10, 2021.

Details of the Giveaway

The WazirX’s Grand $VITE Giveaway session was held on September 17, 2021 with the live interview of Richard Yan on WazirX’s YouTube channel. 

The next event is going to be an AMA with Richard. Users can probe deeper into the workings of the VITE Network at the AMA and stand a chance to grab prizes worth $250. 

The Trivia event is scheduled to be held on September 21, 2021, on WazirX’s Instagram page with a prize pool of $50. Participate in the Trivia game and win exciting giveaway prizes 

There will be a Quiz event for the Telegram group for the participants to win considerable chunks of the prize pool worth $500. 

September 23 will have the VITE Airdrop grand event that is worth $9,850. The event will only be open for the top-tier WRX holders. 

The last day of the giveaway event is September 24. The event will have the Highest Trader Kaun Marathon for 48 hours, with prizes worth $20,000 to be distributed among 300 traders on WazirX. 

About Vite (VITE)

The VITE token is the native cryptocurrency token of the Vite Network. This crypto coin can be converted into either a VITE BEP-20 token or the VITE ERC-20 token on the VITE app. The conversion of the VITE cryptocurrency coins into the BEP-20, and ERC-20 tokens will not affect the amount of VITE tokens in circulation. 

The VITE token is used as a stake for bandwidth and computational resources. Vite Network retains the resources at low costs upon completion of the transactions. Unlike other Blockchain networks, Vite has a quota-based, zero-cost model of transaction processing in place to do away with costly gas fees. 

On the Vite Network, users need to obtain Quota to pay for transactions. Quota can be obtained by locking VITE, the minimum amount required is 134 VITE and the lock-up period is three days. The network replenishes the users’ Quota over time.

The Mainnet of VITE Network issues two tokens VX and VCP. VCP tokens are distributed among those members of the community who make substantial contributions to the network. VCP tokens are used to redeem VITE Network merch like hats and shirts from the ViteStore. VCP is not available for trading on exchange. 

VX token is the native token of ViteX exchange. VX token holders take advantage of dividend distributions on the platform. Every VX token is obtained through mining via market-making activities, referrals, coin listings, staking, and trading. 

At the ViteX exchange platform, users are able to mine VX tokens by staking VITE. Users are enabled to retrieve the staked VITE cryptocurrency coins within three days and the coins get locked for a week before getting credited to the users’ accounts. 

Users can engage with the Vite ecosystem by using the Vite App. The Vite App can host VITE and all tokens issued on the Vite chain, as well as ETH and ERC-20 tokens. The app also has the decentralized exchange ViteX built in that allows instant mining and trading of cryptocurrency tokens.

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