Volta Club’s exciting expansion!

With a $215 million Fully Diluted Valuation and over $280 million in deposits, UwU Lend has shaped Bitcoin financing. Its daily revenue is $19,000, and its user base is expanding. Stockholders were intended to benefit long-term from this landmark purchase.

The UwU Lend team has accomplished its mission by assuming full control of the protocol after $8.4 million worth of lengthy discussions and negotiations. This requires the purchase of 2.8 million UwU tokens at $3 each and gaining complete control of the system and its treasury funds. As a consequence, all existing token streams are being terminated and redistributed as part of this change.

The combination of these two methods offers several compelling benefits:-

  • Enhanced Revenue Streams: This acquisition builds up the Treasury’s income while awarding Volta Club members permission-regulated access to further income sources.
  • Cost-Efficient Market Entry:  UwU Lend brings a remarkably appreciated, fully functioning, and traditionally steadfast lending market into the Volta Club fold, all at a relatively inexpensive cost.
  • Untapped Potential:  By synchronizing these frameworks, the Volta Club DAO safeguards its future and is ready to expand. The yet-unrealized capacity provides considerable advantages for Volta Club participants.
  • Synergistic Collaboration: The combination of Volta Club’s capabilities, its varied personnel, and the active holder population places them in a position to improve the existing system and create a more promising future.
  • Enhanced Governance: The declaration of dual-sided authority in decision-making and supervision increases security and decreases risk for all UwU Lend customers. The regulations for such a framework prioritize risk minimization over singular control to advance customers’ interests.
  • Collateralization Opportunities: UwULend’s scope of potential available to Volta token holders through collateralization is significant: prospects for the emission of tokens, earning interest and making use of them as loan security.

These factors played a significant role in the decision to choose purchase over maintaining a partnership structure.

The acquisition by Volta Club will result in a number of modifications. The Volta Club management team will run UwU Lend since it will be integrated into the Volta Club DAO system. The technical division of Volta Club will be in charge of managing technical aspects such as development. However, management’s departments will monitor UwU Lend’s operations and communications. The treasury wallet of UwULend will cover all costs associated with this project; further funding from outside sources is not necessary.

Due to its 100% revenue-sharing model with LP stakers, the UwU Treasury, which owns up to 20% of UwU-ETH liquidity provider (LP) assets, receives a part of all platform proceeds. Reports estimate the Treasury’s daily income at $19,000, or $114,000 monthly. This exceeds operations expenditures, and this money is mostly stablecoins. Thus, Treasury expenses should not devalue UwU tokens.

Volta Club will manage the UwU Lend Treasury and multisig wallets. This means that any money received from the Treasury or a multisig wallet will be added to Volta’s backing funds and balance sheet, just like with segregated wallets. These trades’ revenues and proceeds will automatically be added to both reserves.

Volta Club is dedicated to broadening its array of services for users. The relationship allowed them to deploy an in-house lending system and LayerZero OFTs, an interior bridging solution for the protocol. These and future advances will fund the stockpile of funds, benefiting Volta holders. These two firms unite forces, indicating promising prospects for the cryptocurrency financial scene.

Trevor Holman

Trevor Holman follows crypto industry since 2011. He joined CryptoNewsZ as a news writer and he provides technical analysis pieces and current market data. He is also an avid trader. In his free time, he loves to explore unexplored places.

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