Voltaire’s New Reward System Enables Users to Earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Voltaire.cash announced a new reward scheme for its users trading on their platform. The UK – based crypto exchange implemented this new reward system, which is called the Voltaire CashBack, to encourage users to use their platform more often. This cashback scheme allows users to earn Bitcoin cash[ BCH ] and other cryptocurrencies from each transaction made by users.

Bitcoin cash (BCH) is the base pair for all transactions on the Voltaire.cash trading platform. Initially, Bitcoin Core (BTC) will be offered for the BCH trading and followed by Ethereum and Dogecoin markets against Bitcoin Cash. Only a few exchanges offer BCH cash trading pairs so traders can trade BCH with different digital assets. BCH proponents can use trading platforms such as Panda Exchange and Coinex for Bitcoin cash trading markets.  Voltaire.cash exchange, and the platform will provide BCH denominated pairs with a key focus on security and transparency. The platform’s goal is to drive bitcoin cash adoption, and it’s the perfect trading pair with BCH network fees at less than a third of US penny.

The CashBack rollout is currently in operation for BSV / BCH and BTC / BCH trading pairs and is only for a short time. The Voltaire.cash exchange also confirmed that ETH / BCH and LTC / BCH trading would be soon opened.

Users earn this new incentive on the platform by placing an order on any of the exchange markets. The Voltaire balance of the account is credited to the same currency traded on the exchange, as the order is traded “either in whole or in part.” The cash back will be accessible through the profile’s wallet section.

The announcement from the company said,

“0.2% of the value of each maker order made on Voltaire is credited directly to the user’s wallet in the disposed of currency.”

The exchange also detailed Voltaire’s ongoing expansion of its team and plans for other ambitious projects. The startup expects an investment for the second quarter to help promote the objectives of the platform.

Commenting on the same the founder of Voltaire’s, Germanovich opined that,

“The release of Voltaire Cashback is an exciting and innovative event in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem — Bitcoin Cash offers the technically stronger solution to scaling.”

The incentive may encourage more traders to visit Voltaire with 0.2% BCH for every order from Voltaire. As part of the core transparency value of Voltaire, a calculator was developed to enable users to calculate potential Bitcoin cash earnings for Voltaire trading.

Germanovich further added that they planned to incorporate the BCH – powered Badger Wallet by Gabriel Cardona. The 21-year – old CEO claimed that the hard fork core of Bitcoin was the fastest payment and trading technology.

BSV trading was officially made available on Voltaire’s exchange market in February this year and has received ‘ free withdrawals’ and one confirmation for all deposits

Apart from this the Exchange platform also has some additional features like adding a fiat gateway which allows users to deposit and remove fiat in certain jurisdictions. The next step in the mission of Voltaire is the connection to cryptocurrency of its legacy banking system.

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