Vorto and Merit Circle DAO Collaborate to Co-Launch Hash Rush

The community will soon welcome Hash Rush as Merit Circle DAO has announced a collaboration with Vorto to co-launch the massive multiplayer real-time strategy game. Partners will launch the closed version of Hash Rush on September 01, 2022. This will be followed by the launch of an open beta version on September 15, 2022.

Merit Circle DAO and Hash Rush share a well-established relationship with each other’s leadership teams. The collaboration goes back to when the game was merely in its infancy stage.

Now that the game is set for launch in its beta version, the collaboration will officially bring to the table many things to support each other and offer players the best experience in the virtual world. To start with, Merit Circle DAO will serve as an investor and advisor with its go-to-market strategy.

Merit Circle creates a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that develops opportunities to earn through play for people who want to help build the metaverse. Merit Circle involved in play-to-earn and might revolutionized a gaming industry. Also, in the beginning of this month, Merit Circle partners with Cantina Royale to Reshape the Destiny of Web3 Gaming.

A revenue sphere is also being explored to allow players and the platform to earn money. The NFT marketplace is expected to play a major role in this aspect.

Hash Rush is rich not only in terms of features but also in terms of assets that can be exchanged through the native marketplace, which will also play an important role in minting and listing non-fungible tokens. Merit Circle DAO will also aim to reward the community, including its gamers and $MC token holders.

Anyone interested in participating in the closed beta version of Hash Rush can acquire the Vorto Key through an official event or the native marketplace, fill up the details, and wait for the venture to get in touch with the winner.

Hash Rush is based on the disrupted Hermeian Galaxy, and players are then on the lookout for getting things back to the way they were. The gameplay requires them to construct buildings, harvest resources, and recruit units.

That’s not it with something else to make the gameplay a little more interesting. Players must protect their territory by forming troops and setting up defenses against Crystal Scourge to destroy their bases.

Hash Rush comes with three in-built game modes: Standard, Dungeon, and Boss Assault. While other Web3 games operate with a basic motive, Hash Rush has been built by primarily focusing on making it good before exploring on-chain possibilities.

Items that players can own as an NFT are equipment and heroes, to mention a few. More such details are awaited to be announced by Merit Circle DAO.

Merit Circle DAO is looking to grow financially by launching the game. The goal is to drive thousands of players into the virtual world and become the most enjoyable game. Hash Rush is estimated to continue contributing to the DAO’s overall growth; however, that will happen as the game progresses.

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