Voyager: Ascension to be released soon for free by RFLXT

On 11 April 2024, RFLXT announced the addition of a new sci-fi shooting game called Voyager: Ascension using Gala Chain on 23rd April. 

Gala Games’ players can download, install, and start playing the game for free, along with a season pass token, offering additional rewards for completing challenges. 

The game is fast-paced with six degrees of freedom, and players start with the Voyager Light Gunship with underground facilities on the Saturn moons, resulting in gameplay with cosmic entities to decide the fate of humanity.

Voyager features 16 stages for single players and 12 levels in the challenge mode. The multiplayer feature will be released soon.

Voyager is essentially Overload’s modified version, developed by Descent’s original creators. However, RFLXT has licensed the game for Blockchain and web3 development and use. 

The VP of RFLXT games, Tony Colafrancesco, loves the Voyager game and is thrilled about the release for crypto and blockchain players. He finds the process of taking original games and modifying them for RFLXT web3 audiences more enthralling, as it could lead to more exciting and better results in the future. The release of Voyager1: Ascension is in the initial step of the previously announced strategic collaboration between Gala Games and RFLXT.

Jason Brink, the President of Blockchain at Gala Games, also showed interest in the launch of Voyager: Ascension is an enthusiast of shooter games.

RFLXT is developing a novel talent economy where talents and creators can engage with members of the communities in completely new ways. The platform is developed by a team of entertainment, gaming, and tech experts who leverage the power of AI and blockchain to allow users to interact using the innovative RFLXT Digital Double avatars.

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