Vulcan Marketplace Shifts to $PYR on Polygon Network

VulcanVerse is making one news after another as the upcoming marketplace recently switched to the Polygon Network with the $PYR token. As the marketplace will be pioneering the NFT-based gaming arena, the project is already generating a buzz. Vulcan perceives the move to change the virtual sector forever, and given its initial success, the claims check out. The marketplace will be offering a two-factor authentication system, seamless user interface, and a referral system.

The platform already garners over 26 million dollars in transactions. Vulcan Forged has enhanced its UX by simplifying the entire blockchain process. The platform is using Arkane Wallet to offer a straightforward blockchain experience without dealing with cryptocurrencies. Currently, players are required to own FIRE to use the platform. In crypto terms, 1FIRE is currently equal to 1PYR (Vulcan’s native token). The exchange takes place instantly, making the transaction prompt.

Vulcan was previously using VeChain, the renowned network used by Walmart China and many. However, the platform might be completely migrating to Polygon now. Polygon is a no-brainer for decentralized apps, so Vulcan Forged marketplace’s shift appears natural. As the platform will be supported by the Polygon network, players owning $PYR should bridge ERC 20 $PYR into the Polygon Network. The token can only be purchased via Uniswap for now.

Players need to reach the Matic Bridge to switch the token for the Matic coin. Given the current popularity of Vulcan Forged, its release will certainly affect Matic’s price as well. As per the current Matic Price Prediction, the coin might reach 5 dollars by this year’s end. However, the buzz around Vulcan Forged can increase the price significantly.

A Play-to-Earn Pool worth 20 Million Dollars

Vulcan is also organizing two reward pools for users. Players can earn $PYR tokens by gaming on its flagship MMORPG game or facilitating strategic card battles in Berserk. VulcanVerse will be a great addition to the Vulcan community, and despite its current status, users may see public access to the platform in a short time.

Recently, Berserk also proposes a 100,000 dollars’ worth of reward pool via $PYR tokens for its first season. The season will be starting on 15th May, and players can instantly start playing with a free deck. The game will be available for iOS, Android, and the web. To start playing, users need to fill a form.

Vulcan Forged marketplace is making frequent highlights, and its latest news came in the form of a network shift. The platform is migrating from VeChain to Polygon Network, generating a market buzz. With features like 2FA and quality UI, Vulcan Forged’s 26 million dollars monthly revenue is justified. The platform will also hold a 20 million dollar prize pool and increase Matic coin’s price.

Roxanne Williams

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