Vulture Peak Launchpad Joins Forces With Asva Ventures

The news about the partnership between Vulture Peak and Asva Ventures surfaced on June 7 via Twitter. The teams have formed a strategic partnership with the hope of bringing the necessary resources for early-stage DeFi, Metaverse, and NFT startups into the web3 space. 

In an autonomous environment like the crypto space, the role of launchpads and venture capital firms gets more significance among projects that start. These firms pump their resources into potential projects to help them expand their business, products, or services to a large clientele. 

The BSC launchpad Vulture peaked with Asva Ventures in a recent partnership announcement. As two of the most sought-after startup boosters, they will allocate their resources to find and support innovative web3 projects in the Binance ecosystem. 

Vulture Peak is a launchpad and investment fund project located on the Binance Smart Chain. This community-based project currently focuses on locating projects in lucrative areas like blockchain games, Metaverse, DeFi, NFT, etc. The partnership portfolio from Vulture Peak already boasts names like Metaverse Lab, GameFi Capital, Unicorn Ventures, Matic Launch, etc.

On the other hand, Asva Ventures is a venture capital firm whose focus is on emerging web3 projects from DeFi, NFTs, and Metaverse. With a strong team of professionals, domain expertise, and necessary resources, the firm currently assists several nascent projects in the crypto ecosystem.

Now, the partnership with Asva Ventures will do more than expand the list of partners for the launchpad. Vulture Peak is a single-chain launchpad that hopes to expand to other chains shortly. MetaLaunch is a spin-off project developed by Asva Labs to support and incubate metaverse projects across blockchains. Their multi-chain expertise can be a great addition to Vulture Peak’s roadmap to multi-chain adoption.

The integration should also put a smile on the face of startups as Asva Ventures brings a whole development package to the launchpad. 

  • Asva Labs’ market research tools will help the startups create their very own bespoke business strategies with precise data from the market.
  • With Asva Ventures comes a network of more than 100 influencers and media KOLs who could give that much-needed push for your products.
  • Asva can help early-stage projects get the funding through a network of venture capitalists who otherwise might be unavailable to them.
  • The team of professionals from Asva Ventures will help the startups and offer advisory support for all their business needs related to PR, marketing, legal, recruitment, resourcing, etc.

Replying to the partnership tweet from Startup Space, a Twitter user said that the two firms have “joined forces to deliver more possible opportunities and generate better service for the entire ecosystem.” The communities seem pumped for this new partnership as it is hoped to add to the value of the ecosystems moving forward.

Trevor Holman

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