W3bstream: A connector of real-world to Web3

The W3bstream has finally been delivered. However, this is claimed to be one of the very top creations coming from the stable of IoTeX. However, this is indeed going to change the entire scenario as the W3bstream happens to be a decentralized framework that will be connecting smart devices to smart contracts. It will alternately effectively shake up the machine-based economy. It will also offer new-age and highly developed tools and middleware. However, this quickens the go-to-market scenarios for all the creators and developers.

Further, all of the users, creators, businessmen, persons involved in Web2-oriented business, and especially machine makers, will benefit tremendously from its creation of a platform to enhance design space in the case of real-time Web3 applications. The high-lighting factor, however, is that it will help open the doors toward a multi-trillion-dollar economy for them.

As we all understand and agree, it is data that happens to be the most valuable material in the present world. Based on that fact, it is the W3bstream that will allow all of the users to possess their individual data and also allow them to create an avenue of gaining revenue from them. However, this will also include all matters related to their machines, sensors, trackers, and their smart devices. The W3bstream will further provide all creators, entrepreneurs, and smart device builders the opportunity to create their own individual MachineFi dApps, which will be most favorable for involved people globally.

However, it is predicted that by the year 2030, all individuals will have at least ten smart devices.MachineFi Lab experts strongly believe that the IoTeX will help expand the wave of people in the Web3 universe and, consequently, in crypto.

Devnet Seed is the first launch of the Layer2 protocol. However, this is where the W3bstream common runtime is to be developed. The common runtime can, however, execute the MachineFi Layer-2 custom logic. Mainnet Flourish releases in Q2 2024 promoting data privacy enhancement and community onboarding,  where any community member can become a node operator.

According to the CEO and Co-Founder, Raullen Chai, this creation will turn out to be the strong pillar of the overall machine economy. In his viewpoint and opinion, while the current concept of play-to-earn, coupled with X-to-earn, the W3bstream will effectively change this scenario by introducing x-and-earn. With the help of this concept, all users will receive rewards when offering connectivity to data produced daily.

Trevor Holman

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