Wagerr – A Name that Revolutionizes Blockchain-Based Betting

Sports betting enthusiasts have got a new reason to celebrate with the launch of a decentralized sportsbook named Wagerr that allows users from anywhere in the world to bet anonymously.

It is the first-ever blockchain-based sportsbook that has been revolutionizing the world of sports betting since its launch in 2018. Click here to get the detailed information about crypto sports betting!

The Wagerr application introduces trustless sports betting to the entire world that needs no KYC (Know Your Customer) or any other verification compliances. Wagerr uses ASSC or Application Specific Smart Contracts and 2nd layer network that is controlled by Oracle Masternodes. Wagerr, with its robust architecture, removes the limitations of smart contracts like scalability and security issues

Wagerr is a revolutionary model that cannot go bankrupt; though it sounds a little blown up, this is the fact. In a Wagerr model, if a user loses his bet, his money bet is immediately removed, which in the Wagerr term known as “burned.” It reduces the overall supply of Wagerr cryptocurrencies in the market. But if a user wins his bet, the blockchain has the power to mint fresh Wagerr tokens ($WGR), thereby again recovering the supply of WGR tokens in the market.

In this way, the supply of WGR tokens is always recycled, and thus, Wagerr cannot go bankrupt, unlike most other traditional betting platforms, as it has the power to mint its own currency. This indirectly implies that Wagerr can accept significantly larger bets, which has certainly brought a massive revolution in the betting industry, where profitability is increased only by restricting winning players. This is never the case in Wagerr, and it never restricts its players.

Why Is the Wagerr Considered More Beneficial Than Betting Exchanges & Sportsbook?

The foremost important feature of the Wagerr Model that sets it apart from most other BTC sports betting sites and betting exchanges is its “no limit “feature; Wagerr does not restrict bettors on the number of bets they want to place. Get to know more about best Bitcoin sports betting sites with features, restrictions, pros and cons. However, this is to be remembered that to place bets, one has to purchase the $WGR coins, and then you are free to bet as much as you can.

Then again, as Sportsbooks risk their own capital, they restrict players or limit their bet sizes, or even sometimes delay withdrawals to protect themselves from going broke. But in the case of Wagerr, as the betting is done anonymously, there is no way Wagerr can restrict its players.

In a betting exchange, gamblers can bet peer-to-peer, and on the contrary, a bookmaker pits the punter against the bookie. Wagerr is more like a bookmaker, but as it is backed by the superior blockchain technology, there are some unique differences between them that make Wagerr superior to both, betting exchange and a bookmaker.

Blockchain technology also makes Wagerr more transparent and secure. Blockchain is based on a decentralized ledger where each transaction is recorded on a public ledger, making it impossible for hackers to change data. Each bet is also verified with cryptographic security that makes betting more secure. Check out our page to find more details about cryptocurrency betting.

Therefore, Wagerr is a far superior model to both betting exchanges and sportsbooks. It offers unlimited payout guarantees and liquidity, which is only possible because of the superior blockchain technology backing the Wagerr model. However, the way Wagerr has streamlined the blockchain technology to make sports betting more convenient is truly commendable.

The bettors can sleep at peace because they know that their payout is guaranteed; this is great peace of mind that only serious bettors can understand, who have lost their payouts several times in various other platforms. Thus, Wagerr appears to be a safe haven for them.

Wagerr Introduces Wrapped Wagerr (WWGR) Token on UniSwap

With the immense success in blockchain betting, the decentralized betting app Wagerr has yet again come up with its invention through Wrapped Wagerr. Wrapped Wagerr or WWGR is also a Wagerr cryptocurrency (tokenized asset) but on the Ethereum blockchain. It represents Wagerr (WGR) in the ratio 1:1.

With the recent integration of Wrapped Wagerr with the UniSwap decentralized exchange, the users would be able to easily move assets between the Wagerr blockchain and the Ethereum blockchain. This makes Wagerr cryptocurrency more tradeable and thus widening the Wagerr sports betting network. With the introduction of Wrapped Wagerr, WGR gained massive exposure; with Wagerr, users can reap the benefits of both the best sports betting app in the world and a robust cryptocurrency.

The integration of the Wagerr cryptocurrency on the UniSwap exchange will also allow users to trade Wrapped Bitcoin, Tether, or Ether without any KYC (Know Your Customer) compliances or any other verification. Interested bettors can log in to swap.wagerr.com to trade their preferred cryptocurrencies from October 20th.

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