Wallet Watcher by Phantom Wallet goes live

Phantom announced that it has officially launched Wallet Watcher for Phantom Wallet. The functionality enables users to add a wallet of their preference as a view-only account on the platform. This grants others the ability to access the accumulation of top collectors without revealing a lot of information or giving them the power to make even a simple modification.

Users can get started with Wallet Watcher by navigating to the Settings section on the official web page and then selecting Manage Accounts. Users will move to a section wherein they can add or connect a wallet of their preference, along with the option to select Watch Address. Addresses available to watch are EVM, Solana, and Bitcoin. Domains from select platforms can also be viewed. This includes AllDomains, Solana Name Service Bonfida, ens.eth, and unstoppable.pudgy.

The community members have responded positively to this development. Many members have called it an awesome update, stating that it is now perfect to check ledgers from mobile. Others have re-established their belief in the future of Phantom in the industry, wherein some of the top crypto wallets are competing to the best of their ability already. Some players are Coinbase, Robinhood, and Trust Wallet.

Phantom is dedicatedly designed to assist users in the segments of non-fungible tokens and DeFi, which is decentralized finance. Specifically for DeFi, users are certainly going to get some benefit from Wallet Watcher. Being able to track the accumulation of top collectors would help them fetch better yields. Similarly, for NFTs, users will know the trends of the market along with individual pieces that are working.

Phantom is currently fresh from an announcement in which it highlighted the turning point for the Solana community. They jointly demonstrated their better sides in scalability and being battle-tested in the world of crypto. Phantom marked the biggest airdrop for JUP to help Jupiter Exchange and Meow land success from the same.

The optimism of Phantom in the Solana ecosystem is one of the factors driving the price of SOL. While the token has fallen by 0.96% in the last 24 hours, it has surged by 15.46% in the last 30 days and is trading at $101.57. The next milestone for SOL is $110.

That said, Phantom continues to make advancements for sustainable growth. It recently added support for WNS (Wen New Standard). The brand-new NFT standard leverages the token extensions of Solana. Moving forward, Phantom said that it will soon roll out support for transfers.

Phantom is credited with building industry-leading security features to protect its users. These are spam detection, Phantom Explore, Report as Span, Burn Spam NFTs, transaction previews, open-source blocklists, and shortcuts.

The idea is to protect users and their assets from the most common forms of scams.

Wallet Watcher by Phantom is now live for Phantom Wallet. Users can start integrating the functionality with their account to transition their wallet to a view-only account on the platform.

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