WAM to Join Hands with Formless to Bring New p2e Features

The rapid growth of GameFi resulted in the creation of many new business models. One of them is Formless, alternatively known as the “Steam of GameFi.” Now, Steam is an online platform where developers and enthusiasts come together to play, buy, discuss and, often, create games. The platform has nearly 120 million monthly users, which shows the demand for such platforms in the gaming industry. Formless is the web3 counterpart that connects games, gamers, and guilds in the GameFi ecosystem. The platform uses various features and tools to promote GameFi and enhance the community experience. 

Formless now joins the WAM network, according to the official notice released on March 24. WAM is a GameFi ecosystem that operates with the Play-to-Earn model. You can join the network to play games and compete in tournaments with your guilds to earn crypto gifts. These gifts are offered as native WAM tokens or as NFTs during the games. It also allows users to buy games and host tournaments for bigger and recurring rewards. WAM comes with an in-built marketplace to buy, sell or exchange your items.

The partnership between Formless and WAM is a collaborative attempt to tap into the vast market for gaming globally. The guilds from WAM will participate in the tournaments from games from Formless. The report from WAM states that more than 50 guilds are waiting to compete in the WAM tournaments marking the integration of Formless. 

Another important aspect of this partnership is the arrival of hyper-casual games. Hyper casual games refer to the small, portable, and infinitely replayable. With Formless, WAM will bring a suite of hyper-casual games to its guilds that support the Play-to-Earn model. It means killing and outplaying your friends is no longer necessary to earn from the GameFi. However, that still remains a very true option for earning huge gifts.

Trevor Holman

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