Wanaka Partners with NFTb to Launch Exclusive NFTs

On 14th  October, NFTb announced that it has collaborated with Wanaka Farm for launching an innovative chain of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). Wanaka Farm has already gained a considerable reputation as a game developer on the play-relax-earn concept. The game revolves around the theme of allowing gamers to become the owner-cum-farmer of their own land plots, where they can rear livestock, cultivate the soil, farm, and personalize the adornments in and around the farm in as many ways as they like. 

After the collaboration, both NFTb and Wanaka will be able to access the launching platform for providing the exclusive but limited NFT series to the user communities of both parties.

The specialty of the NFTb launching platforms is that it is completely innovative.  It helps accelerate the projects and the developers’ progress and minimizes the probable setbacks encountered during the launching procedure, without compromising on any of the involved parties’ interests. 

The strategic partnership between NFTb and Wanaka Farm will help develop and expand the gaming universe on the Binance SmartChain network. It is hoped that the NFT gaming marketplace will soon start transacting in the Wanaka Farm NFTs. 

Wanaka games are based on the NFT model of Play-to-Earn structure. They combine the elements of both traditional and blockchain game layouts. The central location of the game is a tranquil farming ecosystem which is in turn inspired by the Wanaka island of New Zealand. Gamers will be able to embark on dangerous and thrilling adventures and customize their lands to make them unique. This farm-themed open universe by Wanaka will simulate an ecosystem where people will be able to purchase digital crypto assets and help foster communication among participants across the globe.

Trevor Holman

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