Wanchain adds Cardano to its cross-chain framework

Wanchain, which provides decentralized blockchain interoperability solutions, has added  Cardano to its cross-chain framework. Wanchain is also responsible for creating the first public decentralized cross-chain bridge. The Cardano bridges of Wanchain help in linking the Cardano mainnet to entities like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Arbitrum, and various other prime public networks.

Wanchain is basically a project created on two factors. One is a manageable Layer 1 PoS blockchain, and the other is a decentralized mass space network of blockchains. In the case of the Wanchain Layer 1 PoS blockchain, it functions with the help of benchmark Ethereum tools, as well as dApps and protocols. The mass space network of blockchains is more of a decentralized method for non-custodial cross-chain bridges that help in linking EVM, as well as non-EVM networks. Presently, there are over 25 public networks that are linked to Wanchain’s mass space network of blockchains, names like Arbitrum, Astar, Cardano, and many others.

Wanchain’s Cardano Bridges are boosted by decentralized and two-directional cross-chain bridges. They come with superior interoperability amongst networks that provide a big inflow of fresh assets and liquidity. Wanchain’s Cardano Bridges provide the option for assets like ADA and many others to easily shift amongst Cardano, as well as EVM-oriented networks and specific non-EVM networks.

Wanchain’s Cardano Bridges offer fresh options for developers via ADA and the conventional Cardano tokens that can be utilized in the case of any Web3 application created on an EVM adaptable network. It is now possible to shift ADA, BTC, USDC, and others to Cardano. Fiat-supported stablecoins like USDT and USDC are accessible on the Cardano mainnet.

As a matter of fact, for Wanchain, the Cardano Bridges are indeed a landmark project which helps in bringing about interoperability in blockchains. Considering the distinction between the Cardano network and the common public blockchains, the team members of Wanchain were required to create Haskell smart contracts which back cross-chain transactions. The Wanchain bridge nodes were scaled in order to create UTXO transactions for calling Cardano smart contracts. Wanchain registered Input Output for carrying out modifications on Cardano. This was done by adding conventional backing for a Schnorr signature and Secp256k1 curve.

In the near future, Wanchain’s interoperability solutions will be made accessible on Cardano. This will be followed by Wanchain’s imminent decentralized common general message forwarding platform.

Wanchain is a global decentralized blockchain interoperability solution. Their goal is to boost blockchain acceptance via interoperability by creating decentralized bridges that help in linking various soiled blockchain networks. This cross-chain framework encourages developers to create decentralized cross-chain applications to push the advancement of Web3.

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