Want to Explore World With Crypto? Make it Happen Now!!

Most youngsters these days share a common aspiration – travel all the breathtaking places !! Moreover, the latest technologies have made money matters in the early stage of life a bit simpler. Due to that, if a travel junkie wants to explore the world grabbing just a backpack, cryptos can make it possible. While travelling, digital currencies can be a viable form of money, as you don’t need to carry them literally.

However, there might be a bunch of questions regarding the idea of travelling using cryptos as it is not a widely used idea yet. So, here are some ideas that can guide you if you are a traveller and bitcoin is your BAE.

1. To Book Flights

You can book your flights with Bitcoin using many crypto travelling services. Some experts suggest few names if you need the flight’s tickets at a cheaper price. CheapAir.com, a US-based online travel agency accepts Litecoin and Dash payments along with Bitcoin. CheapAir.com is providing flight booking service using crypto since 2013. Apart from CheapAir.com, one can also book tickets on Distenia with Bitcoin.


2. Purchase Flight Insurance

It is advisable to have insurance for the flight ticket, considering its big prices. Fizzy, a company, designed by French company AXA, provides such a service. The firm processes flight insurance using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Travel insurances do not work in a smooth manner generally, but blockchain technology can ease the process to quite a level.

3. Accommodation

Getting accommodation takes a huge part of your travel budget and time. Some of the airline booking firms provide accommodation booking also, like Expedia, Destinia and CheapAir. Other platforms that offer booking service for a stay using cryptocurrencies include 99Flats and CryptoCribs.

4. Eating and Shopping

While this is the most interesting part of travelling, it’s not the easiest one using cryptos. You can book flights and stay online, but cannot do the same with food. To get food you need to track where such restaurants are located, which accepts crypto as payments. In India, Suryawanshi family restaurant chain in Bangalore accepts payment in cryptocurrencies. Also, La Sirene in Manhattan also enables crypto payments. Besides, you can find such restaurants or cafes using CoinMap. CoinMap will also find you some shops or stores where you can satisfy your shopping craving using cryptos.

So, are you ready with your backpack and crypto wallet?

Ruti Vora

Ruti regularly contributes in-depth news articles for leading cryptocurrencies. She contributes technical chart-based price updates and analysis pieces on the world's leading digital currencies.

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