Warp Protocol: Unlimited automation for Cosmos developers

Warp, a revolutionary decentralized automation protocol that gives Cosmos developers unrivaled automation possibilities and is powered by Terra Money, has officially launched today. Warp ushers in a new era of decentralized, cost-effective automation, allowing developers to improve their platforms and save valuable development time.

With Warp, developers can harness the power of automation by queuing any transaction to be executed automatically in the future, based on any available on-chain data. This revolutionary capability opens up a world of automation opportunities at developers’ fingertips. Transactions in Warp are referred to as “jobs,” and their execution is triggered by specific “conditions” being met. When these conditions are satisfied, any user running a Warp keeper bot can execute the job in exchange for the job’s reward, paid in the native token of the respective chain.

To sustain the Warp ecosystem, a 5% protocol fee is levied on the total job reward, with the fees automatically converted to Terra’s native token, LUNA, and burned. The flexibility of Warp’s design allows for a wide range of use cases, including reward distribution, stop-loss mechanisms, fund migration, and dollar-cost averaging.

In a significant stride towards interchain expansion, Astroport, a prominent decentralized exchange (DEX), has integrated Warp. This integration enables limit orders across Astroport’s DEX deployments on Terra Money, Injective, Sei Network, and Neutron. Warp outshines alternative solutions by offering effortless adaptability post-integration, eliminating the need for custom smart contract builds, and allowing seamless functional additions or adjustments. The advanced SDK provided by Warp facilitates smooth integration, ensuring a hassle-free experience for developers.

While currently live on Terra, Warp is actively expanding its reach to other chains. The Warp SDK enables developers to easily import Warp functionality into their front-end or back-end systems using just a few lines of code, making implementation a breeze.

Warp also extends an invitation to developers to become keepers, those who execute Warp jobs when the specified conditions are met. By following the provided guide, developers can join the ranks of keepers and enjoy the rewards of job execution.

Existing Warp keepers are strongly encouraged to update their controller contract address to ensure uninterrupted job execution.

For any queries related to Warp, including integration and functionality, the Warp community is readily available to provide assistance on Telegram or Discord. Additionally, developers can refer to the comprehensive Warp Docs to explore the intricacies of variables, queries, and conditions.

Warp’s vision is to ignite the next generation of Web3 applications by harnessing the power of flexible, decentralized automation. With Warp, Cosmos developers can unlock limitless possibilities and propel the evolution of the decentralized ecosystem.

Roxanne Williams

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