The Partnership Of Waves And Blockpass Is Making Some Great Waves!

Yesterday on Twitter, the Waves Platform took this news to its official Twitter handle. The announcement encompassed some exciting developments around the partnership of Waves platform with Blockpass Org. Blockpass is a KYC provider and identity management system. According to the post, this partnership will reap “fast, low-cost KYC for blockchain businesses and DApps developers.” Moreover, unlike before, now the users of the platform will be able to enjoy a greater sense of control over their information. Waves Platform further added that the “Tokenised identity will underpin Web 3.0.”

This partnership has a great potential to support the businesses by using the KYC Connect on the platform. KYC, that stands for ‘Know Your Customer’ is a must in these days and age which assures a greater sense of security, transparency, regulation compliance and so much more. The partnership of the two companies has made the otherwise costly KYC system, much more affordable for the small scale companies and independent developers by bringing the cost down. The KYC process has also been enhanced by featuring several useful tools that can be easily plugged into any software. On this, the founder and the CEO of Waves Platform, Sasha Ivanov, said that the team at Waves is busy developing the platform. Also, they are working on the required features and instruments for the smooth and effective development of decentralized applications. Further adding,

 As KYC, KYD, and KYO are essential parts of decentralized solutions for the regulated industries that are required for any application aiming for mass adoption, we are now partnering with Blockpass and integrating its KYC Connect, one of the leading solutions to provide shared regulatory compliance services.

This partnership has also made sure that the control remains in the hands of the user. Well, this has been made possible due to the Blockpass application. It is friendly to both Android and iOS operating systems, where the user can make, save, and administer their information in the form of digital identity. This ensures safety against threats such as privacy leakage, hacking, phishing, crypto-hacking and so on.

The coming Airdrop:

According to the official blog by the Waves platform,

As soon as technical integration of Blockpass KYC Connect with Waves is complete, a special PASS token will be airdropped to all Waves users. Users can then verify their identity by downloading the Blockpass mobile application, submitting the required documentation and receiving the relevant certificates. After verification, users can submit this information to the Waves PASS white-listing service by scanning the QR code on the Waves website.

More on Waves:

Last month, the crypto space faced a sudden steep drop that pulled the prices of the crypto shockingly low. It lost around 99.9 percent in a blink. Although the crypto holds good grounds in the market with 29th spot in the market capitalization section. At the press time, the market price of the crypto was 2.13 U.S Dollars with a growth rate of minus 1.61 percent.

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