Waves Price Analysis: Constantly Changing, Developing And Improving Waves

Popular Russia based saw the so-called flash crash with dramatic effect last year. Even though the reason for this crash remained unclear, it is said to be a massive false sale order that created this ridiculously low downfall.  Although after a short while the market recovered slightly and a wave was back up.

With the aim of ease of use and mass adoption of blockchain technology, Waves coin is more like Ethereum at the core. In spite of the downward market trend, this is the relatively stable coin with a promising future in technical prowess.

The Waves coin has shown relative price stability is a bear market. With the information policy that provides details about the platform and its functionality, various new participants and government agencies are reaching waves. More and more applications are being created, and the team is working towards the expansion of platform functionality.

Even with falling throughout in 2018, the coin was not as damaged as lot other cryptocurrencies. Also, it seems to be making recovery faster compared to others.

 Waves Current Statistics:

Waves price chart

At the time of writing this, waves is ranked 37th in the market with a circulating supply of 100,000,000 Waves. The market cap is 268,436,794 USD with 24h volume of 40,503,500 USD. The price for the same is 2.68 USD, and bitcoin value is 0.00030821 BTC. With 14 periods RSI and MACD (12, 26) this is an excellent opportunity to buy. All this leads to positive Waves price predictions for the currency.

With multi-faceted ecosystem and different ways of usage of token, waves coin is not a typical cryptocurrency. This ambitious project has good values to relay on. Hence it is a strong contender for the long term profitable investment.

Waves Price Prediction:

Various crypto giants have run the in house analysis for the currency, and it has high hope for this controversial currency.

In a very unstable crypto market, this currency has shown good dynamics even in the bear market.

Unlike other coins, Waves potential is not really depended on cryptocurrency market. The price of the currency is expected to show slow but steady growth, reaching to $5 till the end of the year 2019 and even keep growing further.

The prospects for growth of wave look clear for the next year. According to Waves predictions, the target of 2019 is likely to reach $5 per coin; this sounds achievable. So we can look forward to the main growth step with speedy recovery throughout the year.


The forecasting is different on different platforms. No one can accurately predict the future for this masterpiece currency. The only thing one can do is to run the technical analysis based on historical data.

Although most of the technical analysis is on the positive side, this technical analysis using the algorithm is predicting to reach currency price to 17 USD in the next five years. This is approximately 560% change to the current value.

Based on this prediction, it can be said that it will be profitable to invest in Waves for a long term period.

Trevor Holman

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