Waves Price Analysis: Waves On The Way For Its Bull Rally?

  • Multifaceted coin with great advanced features
  • Launch of new token rating system has created many new users for the platform
  • The ability of the coin to stand tall even in a bear market
  • Best for crowdfunding projects and a major attraction for startups

Launched to be user-friendly and mass adoption of blockchain technology, Waves platform has come a long way and is slowly making its mark in the blockchain world. Known for its ability to hold itself strongly even at times of high price volatility, the future looks skywards for the coin. Its innovative technological advances are making it one of the fastest emerging blockchain platform.

Waves Coin Price Current Statistics:

June 8, 2019 statistics at 6:22:15 UTC is as below:

Waves Price Chart - 8 June

  • The current market price of Waves coin is USD 2.37
  • Current market cap is 237,612,523 USD
  • Waves coin has a Circulating Supply at USD 100,000,00; the coin fetches the ROI at 78.32%
  • 24-Hour High/Low = 2.42 USD/ 2.33 USD

Waves Coin Price Comparison:

Over the past month, the price of WAVES was trading as high as USD 3.24 and the lowest was around USD 2.05. Compared to the current day price of USD 2.37, the price fluctuation was to the extent of -26.85% and 15.61% respectively. This shows that the price has been steadily gaining ground and moving on the growth momentum.

Waves Coin Price Prediction:

The overall price has been stable even during the crypto market crash in 2018. The value additions of the platform and the excellent team with their vision for technological development has been attracting a lot of institutional investors and government offices.

The years ahead will shape a better future for the coin. According to Waves crypto price prediction by experts, the year-end price should be around 3.5 USD to 4.5 USD, and this should go further up during 2020, trading in the range of S10-$15 USD, exhibiting a turning point in the market.


The ability of the platform to crowdfund has brought in a lot of new users for the platform. Many startups have benefitted from the platform. Crypto enthusiasts can use the platform to create customized tokens and also transfer digital assets on the blockchain. In the current scenario, Waves is believed to be the fastest Blockchain with value. The simplicity of working on the Waves platform has made it a commercially viable platform that has made a lot of organizations to enter into strategic tie-ups. Waves appear to be carving a niche in the crypto world by concentrating on mass adoption through simplicity.

Investors can continue watching the developments in the coin and buy and hold it for the long term. Though the short-term prospects do not appear to be bullish, the coin should be able to rally when the Bull Run starts.

Scott Cook

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