Waves Price Analysis: Will The Steady Growth Win The Race For Waves?

  • The interest of various government agencies in the coin gives it a boost.
  • Key tie-ups with Microsoft and Deloitte to add to the market value of WAVES.
  • Circulating supply as on June 6, 2019, is 100,000,000 WAVES.

Waves is a blockchain platform which has shown stability even during the bear run in the cryptomarket. Though it is very similar to Ethereum, its increased features and greater transaction speed give it an advantage over Ethereum. Key collaborations with global players have garnered a lot of investor interests in the coin. This ambitious coin looks all set for a bright and long future. Let’s have a look at the statistics to justify the claim made by the coin.

Waves YTD Chart:

YTD Waves Price Chart - 6 June

Waves Current Statistics:

On June 6, 2019, at 5:58:30 UTC, the Waves price is USD 2.32. Waves coin has gone up 0.43% from the last close. Currently, the Market Cap is around $ 234,814,557 USD, 24 h volume is at 30,054,530 USD, and ROI is at 76.22%. Waves is ranked number 38 in the cryptocurrency market. The 52 Week Highest/Low $ 4.94 USD/$0.918405. As on May 6, 2019, at 10:14:01 UTC, the price was 2.07 USD. The price has moved upwards to the extent of 12.07% over the past month. The price has been steadily rising over the past few months.

WAVES Price Prediction:

As more and more applications are being created on the Waves platform, the coin is slowly gaining popularity. They have a strong development team that is constantly working on improving its features. Investors are keenly watching the movements in the coin. The coin’s stability in the bear market and its ability to bounce back faster compared to other cryptocurrencies have also worked in its favor. According to Waves coin prediction and analysts, the future looks bright for Waves due to its different ways of usage of tokens. They predict the price to show a steady growth of around $4- $5 by the year-end and to further grow in 2020. They expect the price to start showing its growth potential during early 2020.

The current price is a good buy option for opportunists looking for a long-term investment with good returns. Waves is gearing towards improving its market position and hoping for a long haul.

Scott Cook

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