Waves Price Analysis: Will Wait and Watch Be the Mantra for Waves?

  • Smart contract functionality for complex token transfers has attracted a lot of user interests
  • Speed of the platform and lower transaction costs give it an advantage over other platforms
  • Launched new blockchain programming language “RIDE” to boost its marketability

Waves is a platform using the blockchain technology which has created multiple uses for its users. Though the Waves platform went through ups and downs at the time of its launch, it has managed to pick up and become an important coin in the blockchain market. The Waves platform and token continues to grow and increase its value over a period of time by entering into strategic partnerships with major business establishments.

Waves Coin Current Statistics:

Waves Price Chart - 7 June

As on June 7, 2019, at 4:54:44 UTC, the statistics are as below

  • The market price of Waves is 2.32 USD
  • Current market cap is around 230,307,514 USD
  • 24 h volume is at 30,317,699 USD
  • ROI is a healthy 72.84%, and current rank is 39.
  • 90 Day High/Low $ 3.37 USD/ $ 1.97 USD.

Waves Coin Price Comparison:

On March 7, 2019, at 12:34:01 UTC, the price of WAVES was trading at 2.57 USD. The price has moved down by 9.73% when compared to the price of March 7, 2019. When compared with the 90 Day High price, the price has shown movement to the extent of -31.16%. In spite of these price movements, the price of waves has been slowly recovering. Also, WAVES has been one of the most stable coins in the crypto market.

Waves Coin Price Prediction:

The bear market of 2018 has not affected the price of Waves compared to other cryptocurrencies. WAVES has shown relative stability even at times of great volatility in the crypto market. Its multi-faceted features have attracted a lot of government and investor attention. Its tie-ups with major business players have also added to its market value and helped seal its position in the blockchain market. The platform has been undergoing a lot of technological transitions which may help redefine the whole set-up positively. These new features may help to revive the price and take it to new momentum. Analysts are bullish on this coin and expect the coin to do a turnaround in 2020. According to Waves coin price prediction, a price in the range of $3.50- $4.50 is expected by the year-end.

Investors watching the coin and willing to invest for the long term should grab this golden opportunity. WAVES is a good bet for the long-term investor. The stability of the coin, even in the bear market, has worked in the past and also will work in its favor in the future.

Scott Cook

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