WAX Blockchain Boasts Impressive Ecological Credentials

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are highly cursed for their large carbon footprints. Environmental activists are up in arms against the new-age technologies, although not all blockchains are created equal when it comes to their detrimental impact on our ecology. Take, for instance, the WAX blockchain. It is created keeping in mind the critical component of the environment. The WAX vIRL® NFTs can lead to the improvement in the health of our ecological balance.

WAX is wonderful in terms of its positive impact on the environment. Not only is blockchain less polluting than its counterparts but it has also gone an extra mile to reduce the harmful impact of others on the environment. According to the estimate, WAX has offset more than 211 tons of harmful carbon dioxide from the environment as of May 21, 2021.

The prospective NFT holders need to keep in mind the network’s environmental impact they use for trading, buying, and selling these digital assets. To ensure that they will not become part of the environmental degradation, the selection of blockchain on which NFTs are minted needs to be done with utmost care.

WAX is the most preferred choice as it works on 125,000 times less energy than its competitors. Putting things into perspective, this much energy will be translated into carbon footprints of 111 tons/year. Data reveals that the average carbon footprint of a person in the US is 20 tons/year, and by that logic, the total carbon footprint of WAX blockchain is about only 5.5 Americans/year. For reference, WAX’s closest competitor has an energy output equal to the carbon footprint generated by entire Ireland.

WAX offers a carbon-neutral platform to the artists and musicians for selling their work online. These added environment credentials can help them showcase their concern for the environment and make other people aware of the severity of the issue. In addition, NFTs are a wonderful way to preserve the integrity and originality of artistic work, which otherwise is very difficult to maintain in this day and age of digital transactions.

Roxanne Williams

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