WAX Teams Up With Blockchain API Company dfuse

Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), the leading decentralized marketplace for digital assets trading, has broadcasted the news of its collaboration with highly reputed blockchain API firm, dfuse. The strategic partnership will allow the developers to enjoy the best user experience on the efficient dfuse API platform while making use of the dApps running on the WAX blockchain.

dfuse works as an unprecedented medium for the dApp developers, which renders them with efficient, user-friendly, and innovative interfaces to create blockchain applications as per their will. By bestowing the developers with the golden opportunity to access deep data quickly and in real-time via the chain. This promises to enhance the dApp creation experience of the curators as well as aims to pull down the time needed for dApp development.

Marc- Antoine Ross, the notable co-founder and CEO of dfuse, stated that

As the earliest adopters of digital assets and virtual currencies, gamers are often looked to being the first massive market to adopt blockchain technology. And as the most promising platform in the gaming space, WAX is well-positioned to meet the needs of this large user base. dfuse looks forward to working with the WAX team to empower a large and growing network of dApp developers and enterprise partners that will deliver a ton of business value to mainstream users.

The complete package of developer solutions offered by dfuse to WAX include:

dfuse Search- The feature allows the developers to enjoy substantial search potential clubbed with real-time indexing

dfuse Events- It helps in customized indexing for the smart contract data

eosq- It offers high-precision block explorer with the best features

API services- GraphQL, WebSocket, and REST

On-Demand Blockchain ecosystems- It offers blockchain systems for a development, test, or production accompanied with the complete suite of dfuse applications

Building dApps can be a laborious process for developers, many of whom need the same basic features and functionalities. Dfuse API’s, combined with WAX’s fast-growing microservices layer, give developers the time-saving tools they need to create performant, scalable dApps,

said Lukas Sliwka, CTO of WAX.

Scott Cook

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