WazirX Crashed for an Hour Due to Dogecoin Price Surge

Digital money platforms like Robinhood and India-based WazirX slammed because of the Dogecoin price surge, which affected many other currencies too. Around 8 pm, hundreds of clients took to the Twitter platform and complained about WazirX not working. Nischal Shetty, the CEO, cited that the website and application are back to being operational now and that it was down close to 45 min to 1 hour. He opined that many people came in support of Dogecoin price surges, and hence, a portion of our frameworks thought it was an assault, and thus, shut down the entire platform.

Between the last two days, Dash spiked 14 percent, and Ethereum hopped about 30+. Ethereum’s development has come in the outcome of developing institutional interest in digital money. Institutional financial backers presently see the crypto market as a potential venture source.

WazirX has thought that it was trying to stay aware of the developing interest in crypto exchanging India. New clients, dynamic brokers, and exchanging volumes on the trade, Shetty said that the currency value has become more than 300 percent since January. The Dogecoin value was also massive to the point that it caused a nearly decade-old organization like Robinhood to go down, he said. Just three years into the field, WazirX is gradually developing and gaining momentum.


In almost a month, the digital currency trading platform, WazirX, smashed for the subsequent time because Dogecoin prices took an upward surge. Its clients took to the microblogging webpage to raise the issue caused by the blackout. But this isn’t the first time the currency had a downfall because of a rush of floods. These issues are not new and have just expanded since January, said a client who talked about the state of secrecy. Some clients also complained about them not being able to access the pages and OTP authentication failures. WazirX executives are working on the issue and restoring the problems.

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