WazirX’s Native Token, WRX Gets Listed on FTX Derivatives Exchange

It is indeed a historic day for all the WRX holders. Now WRX is listed on the FTX derivatives exchange. The growth trajectory recorded by the WRX is tremendous as within 3 months of its listing on the Binance, the valuation of the coin has grown leaps and bounds, and with this new listing, the prospects seem to be brighter in the future.

Details of Listing: Future implications

Listing of the WRX on FTX is not a mean feat. It can be easily considered as one of the milestones in the growth journey of WRX. It is also pointing in the direction that the coin has been making progress in terms of its expansion and appeal among prospective investors. This development has also encouraged the community, and in terms of the Future Plans, WRX is looking to expand its appeal even further. The chief executive officer of the WazirX, Nischal Shetty, expressed his delight and pleasure on the listing of the native coin and promised the investors and prospective buyers that their efforts will now be multiplied in order to make WRX available as widely as possible. This clearly means the company is looking to expand its horizons. Check out review of WazirX exchange now.



This development is sure to boost the buying, selling, and trading prospects of WRX in the market. It will also be a good opportunity for WRX to make investors aware of its existence while furthering its appeal. Some of the coming months will be crucial for the WRX as cryptocurrency investors and analysts will closely scrutinize its listing on FTX. The way in which the coin is going to perform in the immediate future will ultimately decide the direction in which the future expansion efforts of the company will go on.

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