WBF Exchange Unveils 13th Weekly Review Report For Customers

WBF Exchange, the globally acclaimed Singapore-based crypto exchange, has released the 13th Weekly Review report describing its achievements made through the period in a detailed format. The core team working behind the exchange has released the report to enrich its customer base with the milestones achieved, challenges conquered, and future plans anticipated by them during the period.

  1. WBF Live Season Initiates

On March 22, 2020, WBF unveiled its highly anticipated ‘Live Season’ event on its revolutionary WBF Live Broadcasting Platform. The event will go on until April 12, 2020. As part of the event, all the projects receiving money shall be given a live WBF platform video. Also, the participating parties that have launched WBF will enjoy a 50% discount on the ‘live season’ video live service. The crypto exchange has scheduled the launch of the ‘WBF Live Broadcasting Room’ on March 31, 2020. This will allow the solution to be available to the whopping 3.8 million registered users by simply logging into the WBF website or APP.

  1. Significant Product Updates

The new product will play a significant role in boosting the demand for live broadcasting mechanisms. The internal transfer process shall be streamlined as well as system performance from the interface, port, and interaction modules shall be improved. The overall upgradations shall enhance the user experience in the best possible way.

  1. Prominent Operation Updates

The exchange channelized the launch of the “Mainstream Coin XZC, ZEC Welfare Day” event. It helped in the successful organization of the “Large Fiat Currency Delivery, Million DUSD Waiting for You” and “Weekend Carnival Gifts, Trading to Win DUSD Award” campaigns. The BWF platform helped in the execution of significant activities for participants such as the “WT Trading Zone is hotly opened, and big prizes are waiting for you to collect,” “DUSD trading pair fee reduction and exemption,” “WBF major customer rights opinion voting,” and the “second-level invitation activity reopen, 10000DUSD is waiting for you to collect,” etc. The “SEDT Wattbao 7-day wealth management” activity was executed with an annualized income of up to 18%. The activity of “selecting high-quality OTC merchants and sharing 100,000 CCM airdrops,” was also concluded by the exchange.

Apart from these, the exchange concluded the partnership setting for the 32nd phase of Community Partner 3.0 along with the kickstart of the 33rd phase of 1WT=1.05WT subscription exchange activity. It kickstarted the SEDC new plan “1000000 SEDC waiting for you to collect.” The WBF exchange successfully expanded its network by adding support for new top-rated currencies such as the XZC, ZEC, GST, SEDT, WACS.

  1. WBF Futures

The WBFFutures Simulation Trading Competition that was started on March 19, 2020, finally came to a successful end on March 24, 2020, after five days of cut-throat competition. The event saw the participation and support from the crypto community. A total of 2,345 futures were opened during the event with the active participation of 1821 trading users. The event had a total of three best-benefit awards, along with nine invitation prizes. The three winners were: Huawei Mate30, who won the first prize, Dyson hairdryer got the second prize, while the third prize was given to a pair of Airpro headphones.

On March 14, 2020, the exchange launched the WBFutures partner recruitment drive, which has seen a welcoming response from the community. The participating members shall get a chance to become a community of interests with the platform, access more rights, and enjoy high rebate dividends. The members shall also receive benefits of commission rebates and discounts. The rebate ratio depends on the category in which the participant falls. The exchange has five categories to differentiate between the partners, namely bronze, silver, gold, diamond, and creation.

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