Wealthman Collaborates with InoCoin for Decentralized Management Services

Fintech Company Wealthman Ltd collaborates with InoCoin to transform the USD 100 trillion digital wealth management industry. Wealthman, a London-based company develops wealth management protocols for wealth managers. Its main goal is to provide DLT-based decentralized wealth management solution which may make banks, brokers and regulatory services outdated.

Wealthman and InoCoin Partnership

InoCoin concentrates on supporting new and creative startups to meet potential investors. The firm is basically located in Malta and concentrates on decentralized crowdfunding. It has also developed its own DLT-based payment system known as InoPay. Moreover, InoCoin has collaborated with FabricToken, an organization which helps to make DApps development easy without any need of specific knowledge.

Both the companies are working together to establish a decentralized wealth industry. This partnership will also assist Wealthman to attract more private investors for the latest DLT venture. Elena Ruzova, one of the Wealthman representative said,
“Working with the experts from the InoCoin team and community is an inspiring process. We both want to disrupt the 100 trillion dollar market of the investment management industry.”

InoCoin stated in their blog,

“We believe that this strategically important partnership will bring new investors to our project, while also promoting the startup culture. At InoCoin, we value investors as the driving force of our InoCoin Platform.”

Decentralized Wealth Management System

The era of Robo Advisors is running for over 10 years. They have a significantly low-cost algorithmic approach of investing. In this system, the client will set the options and then technology will perform its work with very less chance of an error or corruption. Robo-advisors are currently operating in a general fiat market with its innate instability, and there is a further requirement of decentralization and transparency. Fund management fees are not acceptable, considering the scams in the industry and fact that the random selection has been proved to be simply inefficient like Wall Street expert managers. Wealthman utilizes decentralized autonomous robo-advisors based on smart contracts for its distributed wealth management services.


Fully decentralized wealth management systems should transform the way investors invest their brokers and regulatory authorities, formerly eliminating them from the investment process. There is also a dispute which indicates that industries should become naturally self-regulating. Moreover, a 2-3% can make a huge difference on a portfolio, creating a great compounding interest in the next few years. An untrustworthy and decentralized wealth management system ensures that the general investors get richer.


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