Web3 and NFTs take center stage: New partnerships, games, and AI art!

Some of the recent newsworthy developments in the Web3 and NFT landscapes include the collaboration between Rumble Kong League and Gatorade to provide amusing internet gaming experiences, the welcoming of the AAA shooter web game XOCIETY, the launching of the first gaming expo by Decentraland, the announcement of ‘Moonbirds Universe,’ the launching of a licensing deal by Pudgy Penguins, the Fellowship AI show, and the launching of ‘The Main Quest.’ 

Rumble Kong League Collaborates with Gatorade to Offer Hilarious Gaming Experiences

A brand new web3 game has successfully partnered with Gatorade to give entertaining gaming experiences. Rumble Kong League will be associated with Gatorade as the official drink of the web-based basketball game.

A Grand Welcome to AAA Shooter Game XOCIETY

The thrilling AAA shooter game XOCIETY is finally coming to Web3. Gaming company Ndus Interactive will collaborate with Mysten Labs, a decentralized infrastructure development provider, to bring XOCIETY to the Sui blockchain network. XOCIETY is a unique mix of immersive RPG, dynamic player-versus-player, and player-versus-environment situations.

Gaming Expo by Decentraland will Showcase the Latest Trends in Web3 Gaming

The first gaming expo recently announced by Decentraland will showcase the latest trends in the Web3 gaming universe. The expo will also bring the Game Jam winners of 2024 and top-rated Decentraland games into the limelight.

Fabulous Beginning for ‘Moonbirds Universe’

Moonbirds, an industry leader in the NFT space, has granted commercial rights entirely to the holders of Non-Fungible Tokens. The NFT collection will bring a new wave of art direction and 3D avatars created for animation into virtual worlds like Otherside.

A Fresh Third Party Licensing Pact by Pudgy Penguins

Pudgy Penguins has announced a new third-party licensing pact with Orange Gap Games, an internet game incubator. The pact is reported to have been brokered on Overpass, an IP(Intellectual Property) licensing market.

Perspectives of Artificial Intelligence Art on the Backdrop of Fellowship AI Show

The Fellowship AI show will shed light on the perspectives of Artificial Intelligence Art on the backdrop of the Fellowship AI Show. Each piece in the exhibition challenges the boredom of visuals generated by Artificial Intelligence.

‘The Main Quest,’ A New Program for Player Engagement Inclusive of Illuvium, Pixelmon, and Others

Immutable, the Web3 gaming tycoon, has announced “The Main Quest,” a brand new program designed exclusively for enhancing player engagement through quests within its system containing more than 270 games. Gaming enthusiasts can integrate their immersive gaming journey with popular titles, including Illuvium, Space Nation, and Pixelmon, with ‘The Main Quest.’

Game players can manage their digital things and track their progress using Immutable Passport and its connection to the immutable zkEVM. This unique strategy from Immutable encourages the fine integration of non-fungible tokens, and it incorporates the online gaming world’s heritage of wealthy and operational multiverses to transform the Web3 domain quickly. An X post from Immutable states that Immutable System’s Main Quest is the biggest web3 gaming reward system of all time.

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