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End to Sotheby’s ‘Grails’ auction part five

Sotheby’s auction for ‘Grails’ ended in amazing results, with $1 million in sales. All lots have been sold, and the price has surpassed previous high sale price tags. Sotheby’s auction has achieved incredible results thanks to the creativity and hard work of all participants and artists. Its 1212 bids and 134 bidders are records for any online digital art sales, and artists passionate about selling this work can take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

Igloo is the new parent company of Pudgy Penguins

Igloo has become the new parent company of Pudgy Penguins, and it has been created with a unique mission to promote consumer crypto adoption and build the globe’s biggest on-chain community. The Pudgy Penguin characters are an affable brand that draws community members to the platform. The Pudgy Penguin’s intense emotional connection with game players is fascinating. OverpassIP, an IP licensing market, is the next hub that interconnects business organizations to promote intellectual property partnerships.

‘Portals’, a new feature of Goblintown

Truth Arts, the power behind the Goblintown NFT Collection, has come up with ‘Portals’, an immersive brand new feature that equips holders to shift collectibles from one chain and vice versa. The ‘Portals’ will give extensive support to blockchains including Arbitrum, Blast, Polygon, Optimism, and Base. It is anticipated that it will shortly support Solana, a well-known crypto-computing platform.

Pixels chapter 2 is finally live

Pixels, a game based on Ronin, an Ethereum scaling network, has presented its Chapter 2 update. The new update will enhance the player experience with the prowess of expanded storylines as well as quests. The player community can anticipate some exciting, thrilling, funny, and mind-blowing enhancements. Players can feel the rhythm and spirit of a massively multiplayer web game with the new edition of Pixels. The new version of Pixels is all about making the game as funny as possible, and it introduces novel systems for the game’s longevity. The Pixels Chapter 2 is brand new in all forms and manifestations. There are numerous activities to engage in between levels, allowing players to make the game uniquely their own. Pixel is the biggest gaming company in the universe, and it is on a transition to become the world’s biggest gaming company.

A new digital magazine from 8SIAN


8SIAN, a noted NFT community, has published its very first online lifestyle magazine, and it has a physical version too. The officials of 8SIAN claim that their magazine is the first Web3 lifestyle magazine in history. The new magazine will bring luminary builders, products, Web3, and innovative projects to international attention. The creative brains behind 8SIAN are confident that 8SIAN magazine will redefine the lifestyle equations in Web3 in a dazzling way. Surely, 8SIAN will become the meeting place for people who love, admire, and respect Asian culture. 8SIAN will leave an everlasting presence in the non-fungible token landscape of the upcoming years.

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