Web3 platform Polarys integrates Chainlink Price Feeds

Polarys is a Web3 platform that allows athletes, associated clubs, and sports brands to launch NFT memberships. It has, at present, successfully incorporated Chainlink Price Feeds, because of which it happened to have been extremely excited in making its official announcement. Polarys’ Multichain Minting Engine is responsible for allowing a smooth onboarding for the new crypto users. This very incorporation will benefit them immensely in making the exchange of digital asset prices to that of USD. This will be achievable in the case scenario of users minting community NFTs and carrying out transactions on the Polarys NFT marketplaces. 

With the incorporation of the absolute top-of-the-line decentralized oracle network, Polarys will now find itself in the position of effectively connecting with top quality, tamper-proof price feeds, which eventually are required in the receiving of correct price-related data in the case of the digital assets. This helps to ensure that users carry out all transactions while maintaining a justifiable market price.

At this point, it becomes imperative to delve a bit more into what these entities entail. On its part, Polarys happens to be a Web3 platform that allows athletes, associated clubs, and sports brands to build digital communities with the help of NFTs. Further, with the assistance of the platform, connected athletes, sports brands, and associated communities are able to suitably connect with and return to their respective communities the special token-gated rewards. In this way, all members are able to purchase, make use of and trade their individual membership sans any coding or having knowledge regarding crypto. 

Where Chainlink is concerned, it happens to be the measurement criteria related to the Web3 services platform. It has been instrumental in trillions of dollars in terms of transaction volumes throughout the DeFi, insurance, gaming, NFTs, and other associated prime industries. 

For Polarys, the ultimate choice had to be Chainlink, for the simple fact that its framework happens to be absolutely smooth running in terms of incorporating it and, with that, the additional fact that it has, over time, proved its credibility. Another consideration was the fact that to be able to boost correct NFT minting and marketplace transactions, the requirement for Polarys was to have connected with new asset prices, which are available directly on-chain and in a dependable way.

In all of these matters and coupled with other important features, it just had to be Chainlink. This entity will now provide them with absolute top-quality data. Along with that happens to be the safe node operators. Then there is the issue of decentralized networks. Amongst others, there is also the question of the reputation system. Now with Chainlink in the picture, Polarys will be able to connect Web2 and Web3 communities, which will provide sports teams and athletes the opportunity of connecting with their communities just about anywhere. 

Roxanne Williams

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