Web3Go, a Polkadot Open Data Platform, Is Now Available with SubQuery

SubQuery has announced a partnership with Polkadot’s latest data analytics solution, Web3Go. Web3Go is aimed to become an easy-to-use solution that uncovers the value of the information on Polkadot and its parachains, akin to SubQuery.

Web3Go, created by the Litentry group, lately received three honors at the Wanxiang/Web3 Foundation Hackathon in Shanghai, winning Second Prize overall, Web3 Foundation Special Prize, and Moonbeam Network’s Most Promising Development Prize.

Web3Go has been giving visualization insights into different parachain crowdloans and stake information, as well as pulling data from DeFi tools like Karura, all driven by SubQuery, considering its recent origin. This can be seen at https://web3go.xyz.

Web3Go’s active customized query feature is powered by a customized version of SubQuery underneath the hood. SubQuery gathers and organizes real-time on-chain information into a database for Web3Go’s interface, which allows analysts to search, retrieve, filter, and build data boards.

Web3Go used SubQuery’s technology to help develop the Polkadot parachains auction dashboard during the first day of the major gathering. This dashboard not only shows the amount and development of each project’s crowdloan instantaneously, but it also shows the specifics of every contribution from specific individuals and 3rd parties (Parallel, Bifrost, and Exchange).

The crowdloan location has been monitored and evaluated, and the information on the chain can be synchronized in real-time for any further data analysis. This dashboard is considerably more feature-rich than the crowdloan data presentation site on some other websites like Polkadot.js.

A large number of local members are using and monitoring this dashboard, and the very first day saw almost 10,000-page visits. It’s a great illustration of how Polkadot parachain real-time monitoring is powered by a combination of multiple data application analysis (Web3Go) and core indexing techniques (SubQuery). Web3Go can analyze, query data in the Data Query Component, and deliver customized data presentations on a particular event using SubQuery’s data indexing technology. For example, on the Kusama Crowdloan dashboard, the daily growth quantity of KSM generated can be searched, abstracted, and the results displayed in relevant visualizations. 

Users can create charts instantly and publish them to the public for reference or application via using Web3Go’s platform and using SQL. The idea behind it all is that everyone should have equal access to information and share mutual benefit so that everyone may benefit from the latent worth of blockchain data with no labor. SubQuery Projects is being used by Web3Go to maintain their own projects and make adjustments as needed. SubQuery manages indexing and query solutions, which are made available to the Polkadot community for free in SubQuery’s Explorer.

About SubQuery

Between Layer-1 blockchain systems and decentralized apps, SubQuery is a decentralized information gathering, sorting, and query layer (DApps like Web3Go). This data-as-a-service, which is now centered on the Polkadot and Substrate initiatives, enables designers to focus on its core use application and front-end instead of wasting time constructing a specialized infrastructure for information processing.

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