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Webrazzi To Organize Blockchain Venture Summit

Webrazzi To Organize Blockchain Venture Summit

After a magnificent Blockchain event in Istanbul, Webrazzi is organizing a Blockchain Venture Summit on 21 November 2018 at 8 Northumberland Avenue, London. It is going to be an executive-level conference with Europe’s prominent blockchain investors, and founders attending it. The summit is aiming to bring together 500 unique blockchain and cryptocurrency investors, and entrepreneurs.

The conference is undoubtedly going to benefit those who are looking forward to bond with investors and entrepreneurs. Fruitful conversations regarding the future of blockchain technology and the current situation of the cryptocurrency markets will be a plus.

Captivating Topics : 

The conference aims to cover a broad spectra of subjects, mainly focused on Crypto investment and the emerging Blockchain technology.

  • The Value of Institutional Investors
  • Investing in Blockchain Space
  • Equity vs Tokens
  • Generalized Mining: New Models for Crypto Funds
  • Security Tokens and the future
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency regulations

Speakers : 

More than 20 famous personalities related to fields like crypto, finance and technology will be shedding light on the given topics. Among them, Ajit Tripathi, Partner at Consensys, Arda Kutsal, Founder and Ceo at Webrazzi, Jess Houlgrave, Co-Founder/COO Codex Protocol, Liam  Robertson, Alphabit Digital Currency Fund, Tugce Ergul, Partner at Angel Labs, are a few.

Sponsors : 

Gold sponsors for this conference are Colendi and Gobaba. Colendi is a comprehensive decentralized credit scoring protocol and microcredit platform with blockchain and machine learning technologies, based in Zug, Switzerland. While, Gobaba is a platform where users can buy, sell, exchange, transfer, and store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

For sponsorship or to get any other info, you can get in touch via [email protected]

Media partners : 

Some of the renowned media partners for this conference include, AMB Crypto, ICO Bay, Nexchange, ICO Holder, Bitcoin Chaser, Bitcoin garden, and Fintech Weekly.

Ticket Information : 

The tickets are available at:

You can also use discount code(40% Off): GG83RTWGBZ

Event Information
Event Information