WeBuy Forms a Formal Partnership With My Kingdom

The multi-chain NFT renting project WeBuy has signed an official partnership with My Kingdom’s metaverse game. The NFT-based items from the game will be available for rent on the multi-chain marketplace in the future. The teams will work to expand GameFi, NFT, and metaverse by connecting users from across the globe.

My Kingdom is a play-to-earn metaverse game set in the 3D world based on antiquity’s great civilizations. Using the NFTs, players can explore several features in this virtual world like fighting, exploring, gathering, staking, and trading. Not only that, but the game also allows users to buy, sell, and trade commodities like lands, treasures, cards, and many more.

Thanks to the recent partnership, users can rent out their characters, pets, and other items on WeBuy and connect with more players from WeBuy’s base of users. The teams are also planning to bring more rewards to users by exploring the opportunities of NFT, GameFi, and Metaverse.

WeBuy is a startup brought in to make renting and lending non-fungible tokens easier and accessible for users. The rental option allows users to experience the utilities of the NFTs before purchasing. Not only that, but it also helps those who need the NFTs only for a specific period.

As the first multi-chain NFT monopoly, WeBut offers various products and services to users. This integrated platform offers features like WeRent, DAO, Lender & Renter, and multi-chain connectivity. It will bring increased utility to the in-game items found earned in the world of My Kingdom.

First, users can put their unused items to good use and earn passive income from other players who need them. More importantly, the market for the My Kingdom collectibles will widen on WeBuy thanks to multi-chain interoperability. Given WeBuy’s roadmap for the future, the partnership could be beneficial for the metaverse game on various other fronts as well.

Trevor Holman

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