Weekly VOX rewards, Proto-Vox NFTs flood GalaChain

For many years, the voxel entities known as VOX have been a mainstay of the GalaVerse, fluidly transitioning between properties and games. VOX is not, however, the only initiative that can be considered a singular instance of the GalaChain network. VOX were designed with cross-utility in mind; they give users a Metaverse “VOXsona” that can be used wherever VOX are.

VOX has managed to create some chaos despite the ongoing development of Project Cerberus.

The plan was to launch a methodical invasion across the GalaChain. Over the next month, VOX will infiltrate your favorite competitions on the chain, pushing competitors to meet their stringent conditions for voxel glory.

Weekly Incursions

Each week, VOX will release new Proto-Vox NFTs, as well as additional surprises that are consistent with VOX’s brand.

The acclaimed “VOX Populi,” as they insist on being called, choose one ongoing competition on CGW and give out a restricted amount of digital treasures every week. The council will attentively watch your progress; do not let them down!

VOX will reward the top competitors in Common Ground World during Week 1 (May 6th-12th), or at least the top competitors according to VOX-logic. They are not motivated by achieving a high position on the leaderboard. They are seeking the participants in this competition who have sold the greatest number of bicycles.

The exquisite new VOX pupper is, in fact, a ProtoVOX that can be utilized in Project Cerberus (further information forthcoming). Adopt one immediately, and house training will be completed well in advance of the launch.

VOX Endgame

A minor fraction of the weekly reward will be allocated during each week of Mayhem; the majority of the items from that week will be Mayhem-exclusive and will not be available elsewhere.

There is a final opportunity at the end of the month if you do not get a satisfactory placing in your preferred competition. Once all the goods have been awarded, VOX will place them in a Mystery Box, giving everyone another chance to join the invasion!

Users will only have one opportunity each week to target a farm for that week’s VOX reward. There will be no repetition of items next week.

The CGW competition will commence in a matter of days. Work out prior to engaging in combat during the massive VOX invasion.

VOX Forever

Next week will bring even more thrilling developments concerning Project Cerberus, including the most recent highlights. However, at this time, VOX is far too preoccupied with finalizing their invasion plans to engage in idle conversation.

It is fair to assume that VOX shares our enthusiasm for the forthcoming events, as evidenced by the maniacal laughter emanating from their ranks.

It is unfeasible to predict the location of the next invasion. Anticipate that the future will resemble blocks.

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