Wemix: Game staking service is now open

Wemix, a global blockchain gaming platform, recently announced its game staking service, where users can use their gaming tokens and earn digital assets in the form of rewards. Game staking service is all open for Wemix users, following the STAKE360 of Play Staking. This service will allow users to claim their game tokens based on the amount of staked tokens. 

Opening Schedule of the Game Staking Service 

  • A new menu for Game Staking has been introduced on the official Play Staking webpage. 
  • Every Game Staking provides different rewards and deposit tokens; hence, users must participate in the service of their preference. 
  • Find Divine Staking of MIR M and Triple S Staking of ROS available on the Game Staking webpage. 
  • Users can check out more details on the brand-new Aqua Staking service of the World Fishing Championship mentioned below. 

Opening Schedule of Aqua Service 

  • Pearl Staking and TORNADO Staking are two different services available. Based on the amount of staked tokens, the gaming token CORAL of the World Fishing Championship can be accumulated and then claimed as a reward. 
  • The Pearl Staking can be used only within the World Fishing Championship. 

Opening Schedule of TORNADO Staking 

  • Pre-Staking Period from 22nd May 12 PM to 25th May 12 PM (GMT +9) 
  • Staking will begin on 25th May at 2 PM (GMT, +9) 

Opening schedule of pearl Staking 

  • Staking will start as soon as the World Fishing Championship is launched. 

Disclaimer for Aqua Staking

  • TORNADO tokens will be instantly transferred to Dead, the digital wallet, after being staked game tokens. Note that they CANNOT be unstaked or returned. 
  • Dead Wallet ID: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead
  • Pearl tokens will be instantly deleted once the staking ends. Note that they CANNOT be unstaked or returned. 
  • However, to make additional deposits, every accumulated reward must be claimed. 
  • Once the service is launched, halving will occur after every 30 days for a sum of three halvings. 


To get more information on this disclaimer, check out the Game Staking service webpage. It is hoped that the wide range of new staking services will keep the viewers interested.

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