Western Union’s Partnership with Thunes will Enable the Users to Send Funds Directly into Mobile Wallets Around the World

Crypto fever hasn’t failed to allure every industry. Recently, Western Union, the leader in international transfers has joined forces with Thunes- an international payment network for upcoming markets. This partnership will prove to be excellent for Western Union’s 150 million customer base, as with this partnership the users will be able to make direct global transfers between mobile wallets.

The tie-up has made both the companies quite excited for the bright future the partnership promises. On this, the Global Head of Account Payout Network for Western Union- Sobia Rahman said that the company is constantly growing and pushing the boundaries. Western Union team is working hard to enhance the account ‘payout portfolio.’ The aim is to provide its customers with a variety of payout options to choose from. The payout portfolio includes- “bank accounts, cards or mobile wallets.” She further added that the company’s aim is to “make digital money transfer services more accessible, with a specific focus on enabling mobile transactions.”

The excitement was equally abuzz with Thunes too. The CEO of the company- Steve Vickers also expressed his views on how Thunes will prove to be highly beneficial to Western Union’s user base. Vickers said that the team Thunes is excited for this opportunity to work with Western Union for offering a “global reach to their customers.” He further pointed at the underlying features of Thunes’s platform when he said,

“Our payments platform seamlessly interconnects payment providers globally and enables interoperability between diverse payment systems and by utilizing our vast networks, Western Union customers will now have more flexibility when sending money across borders.”

In the last quarter of 2018, Western Union was found expressing its view on how it is a ‘cost-effective and quick cross border transfer’ idea of using Ripple’s technology. Despite the strong interest in using the technology to its platform to further grow its business, Western Union still believes that it will take a little more time to fully embrace and apply it. Right now the company is eyeing and observing the potential usages and gains that the platform has to offer. Nevertheless, Ripple seems to be important to Western Union.

On the other hand, Odilon Almeida, the global money transfer President of Western Union pointed at the open-minded approach of the company to adopt any kind of currency. This definitely is a sign of the strong hunger of the company for growth.

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