$WHALE Gets Listed on Gate.io

On July 25, the entire team behind the project of $WHALE broke the news that the company had finally carved a position for itself in the Gate.io listing and was paired as $WHALE/USDT. Ever since the inception of Q1 2021, the team of $WHALE has been implementing a significant strategic business move, which is to augment the favorable reception of $WHALE and stabilize and deepen the fungibility of the company’s assets by getting them listed on reputed crypto exchange platforms.

While the real identity of the owner and founder of $WHALE has not been revealed yet, the person goes under a pseudonym titled WhaleShark. They expressed their excitement in an official statement that $WHALE has made it to the top 10 trading exchanges. They have formed a lasting collaboration with Gate.io, as a result of which $WHALE will get the laurel for being the first social token in history to get included in a list compiled by the best cryptocurrency exchange in Singapore.

According to Gate.io review, $WHALE primarily specializes in expansion and deepening of projects on liquidity, and they are highly optimistic about making considerable progress in this direction in the near future.

$WHALE is renowned as the first social cryptocurrency globally, which is supported by valuable assets. The diversity of the $WHALE vault is quite enviable for its wide range of rarely accessible non-fungible tokens, which include digital painting, games based on blockchain technology, and virtual transactions in real estate. Once a user joins the $WHALE community, they will get access to a host of benefits, some of them being the rental of NFTs, purchasing $WHALE swags, the access to liquidity mining, and getting hands-on NFTS exclusively sold by $WHALE.

Roxanne Williams

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